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Can Baby Oil Make You Tan Faster? The Safest Way to Use It

does baby oil help make you tan faster

Sun tanning is a gradual process that might take more than a day. So, if you want to get that perfect bronze look faster you can definitely use baby oil.

In today’s busy world people often look for a quick solution. Using baby oil can help you to get tan faster as it absorbs the UV rays quicker.

Baby oil contains mineral oils that can lock in moisture and soften your skin. It intensifies the UVA rays of the sun and works as a reflector when sunbathing. So, you cannot deny faster and deeper tanning with the use of baby oil.

In this article, we will let you know that does baby oil makes you tan faster, and is safe to tan with it.

Does Baby Oil Make You Tan Faster?

As baby oil contains mineral oil it gets soaked deep under your skin rather than just the top layer.

Using it while sunbathing can attract the sun’s rays quickly and tan your skin faster.

Using baby oil when going to sunbathe can give that deep brown tan and the color will last longer.

Why Does Baby Oil Make You Tan Faster?

Using baby oil helps the UVA and UVB rays to penetrate deep into your skin as it acts as a medium.

It makes the rays more powerful and when your skin is under the sun it acts as a reflector.

Using it can give your skin a deeper color as it attracts the sun’s rays directly to the skin.

Benefits of Using Baby Oil While Tanning

Here are some benefits of using baby oil while tanning. Let us find out.


Baby oil can be very effective and useful for those with sensitivity to perfume and fragrances.

Most of the tanning lotions available in the market contain chemicals and scents that can cause damage to your skin.

But it contains some mineral oil that is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Quick Result

As baby oil gets absorbed faster by your skin, it can help you get a quick tan. It is better to use sunscreen while sunbathing.

Deeper Tan

As mentioned earlier baby oil gets absorbed by the skin very fast and thus, gives you a deeper tan.

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It gets absorbed deep into your skin and gives a quick tan than any other tanning process.

No Stain on Clothes

Using baby oil while tanning will not leave any ugly brown stains on your clothes like other tanning oil or lotions.

Hydrate Your Skin

Using baby oil does not irritate your skin and helps hydrate your skin.

This oil is not sticky like other oils and lotions and soaks into your skin faster without causing any irritation.

Is It Safe to Tan With Baby Oil?

Although you can get a faster and deeper tan using baby oil while sunbathing, exposure to the sun always damages your skin.

As it makes the UV rays penetrate much deeper into your skin, the damage can worsen.

baby oil for tanning

There are safer products available in the market that can also help you to get tan.

But if you do not have time and patience then, you can use baby oil to get a quicker and deeper tan.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Baby Oil for Tanning


  • Using baby oil intensifies the sun’s rays so, it helps to cut down tanning time and you only need to spend a short time in the sun to achieve that perfect tanned look.
  • The color of your tan will turn out to be much deeper as baby oil penetrates deep into the skin.
  • It is less expensive than other tanning oils available in the market.


  • Baby oil intensifies the sun’s rays too much and can cause severe sunburn and other major health issues.
  • There is a chance of cancerous growth as UV rays penetrate deep into the skin, damaging the cell DNA.
  • By using it while sunbathing you may damage your skin to a great extent than just achieving a deeper tan in a short time.

So, these are some tips to let you know does baby oil makes you tan faster. Using it can give you a faster, deeper, and more consistent tan.

This oil can draw natural light into your skin and facilitate the penetration of the rays into the layers of your skin.

But it can cause several health issues like sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging. So, if you are using baby oil then, reduce the duration of your sunbathing.

You should also mix sunscreen with baby oil to get less damage to your skin.

You can definitely enjoy quick tanning by using baby oil but, taking precautions is mandatory as your health is more important than anything else.

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