About Chloe

About Chloe Taylor and Tanning Touch

I am Chloe Taylor and welcome you all to my website. From childhood itself, I have always been drawn towards the bronze look that appears after tanning.

So, I started taking the fact seriously and have done various tanning courses.

Tanning allows the intake of vitamin D and helps to improve your mood. But you must have a trusty expert to help you get that healthy and glowing tan.

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Being beautician health and beauty is always my priority. For the last 5 years, I have been working as a counselor and advisor with different famous salons.

I am always eager to help people by providing the proper information regarding tanning as healthy and glowing tanned skin attracts me the most.

My Mission

On my website, I can help people to choose high-quality and trustworthy tanning products.

I can guide you to get that expert finish by avoiding a patchy and uneven tan.

With the best and right tanning products tanning can be fun. As I have gained a lot of experience in these 5 years so, you can trust me and get my suggestion before your tanning session.

On my website, I can also suggest to you some best and most genuine tanning products that can work as a wonder for you.

The smile on the face of my clients always makes me happy and pleased. So, to get that healthy, glowing, and long-lasting tango through my website and hold that bronze beauty ever after.