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How Can You Easily Protect Your Tattoos While Tanning

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Tattoos are always trendy and in fashion. It makes you look more modern and is also one of the best ways to express your individuality. So, my clients often ask me whether they can go for tanning with tattoos done recently.

Well, getting that dark bronzed look is loved by all but you need to wait for some time before going for your tanning session if your tattoo is newly done. Tanning just after getting a tattoo can fade its color very fast.

But, if you still want to go tanning with your new tattoo then, you need to follow some important tips shared below in this article. Here, I will also let you know different ways to protect your tattoos while tanning.

How Can Ultraviolet Light Affect Your Tattoo?

Spending long hours under the sun or in a tanning bed can fade away your tattoo too soon. The UV rays produced can damage your tattoo as it dissolves the pigment in the ink used while getting a tattoo.

Uv rays can make your tattoos lifeless and dull and make the shapes blur. The ink used in a tattoo can also change its color completely when exposed to UV rays.

So, spending time under the sun or under the extra-strong rays in a tanning bed with your newly done tattoo can be really bad.

How Long Should You Wait After Getting a New Tattoo?

Although you use sunscreen with a higher SPF before getting in contact with the UV rays, this cannot protect your new tattoo from damage.

You should wait for at least 1 month before getting tan in the sun or on a tanning bed. When the ink used in your tattoo is new then, the chances of getting an infection are also high.

So, without being in a hurry to get a tan you need to give time to your newly done tattoo and heal it properly first.

What to Do With a Newly Done Tattoo?

Your skin is raw just after getting a new tattoo. So, the possibility of getting more damage increases.

While tanning the UV rays mostly hit the top layer of the skin. and getting a tattoo also causes some damage to the outer layer of your skin.

So, if your already damaged skin after getting a tattoo gets exposed to the UV rays, it can be dangerous.

being a tanning expert I always advise my clients to say a strong “NO” to getting a tan in the sun or in a tanning bed a month after getting a new tattoo.

How to Protect Your Tattoos While Getting Tan?

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Here, are some effective ways that you should follow to protect your tattoos while tanning.

Use Sunscreen

You can go for your tanning session after your tattoo gets completely healed. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above to provide the minimum protection to your tattoos.

One of the best sunscreens for using on tattoos that I often suggest to my clients is the EltaMD UV Sport Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion.

Wearing this sunscreen not only protects your tattoos while tanning but, also makes them as bright as it was when newly done.

This sunscreen resists water and sweat for up to 80 mins and contains SPF 50. This product is also free from parabens, fragrances, and oil and thus, it is a tattoo-friendly product.

Cover Your Tattoo

You can cover your tattoos using medical tape or a piece of cloth if you cannot wait till the time your tattoo gets healed completely.

The cloth used should only cover your tattoo while tanning and not the extra skin around it.

Use a Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin every day is highly recommended to avoid dry damaged skin. often you may notice cracks on your skin after your tanning session.

This happens when your dry, damaged skin comes in contact with the UV rays and gets burnt. So, to prevent these cracks and to protect your tattoo hydrating your skin properly is very important.

Go for a Spray Tan

Trying out spray tan after getting your new tattoo is quite safe. Spray tanning does not involve contact with the UV rays and thus, helps you to get that natural sun-kissed look without damaging your tattoo.

Although lighter tattoos may turn out to be a little darker from spray tanning, you can easily wipe them off. Spray tanning does not fade your tattoo and can be used before your newly done tattoo is completely healed.

If you want to get that extra protection then, use a light coat of barrier cream on the tattoo during the spray tanning session.


You need to take complete precautions before going out in the sun or in a tanning bed to get a tan with tattoos. Wait till the newly done tattoo gets healed completely.

The above-shared tips can guide you to get that dark bronzed look with a tattoo. Just remember not to hurry as there is no shortcut to making your tattoo heal quickly.

In the meantime go for spray tanning if getting tan is your priority and you cannot wait for a month to get your tattoo to heal completely. 

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