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What Happens When You Leave the Fake Tan on Too Long?

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To prevent our skin from being damaged due to exposure to the UV rays while sun tanning people often choose fake tan as an alternative.

A fake tan can help you to achieve that natural, dark tan without spending long hours in the sun.

My clients often ask me what color to use and which brand is the best. So, I always suggest they use the best quality products to get that desired result without side effects. Bondi sands self-tanning foam can be a good option that you can try out.

People also wonder what happens if the fake tan is left on overnight. So, in this article, I will share with you some important tips to follow before choosing your fake tanning product. I will also discuss what happens if you leave your fake tan on too long.

What Happens if You Leave Your Fake Tan on Too Long?

Unless your tanner contains an excessive amount of guide color you can leave your fake tan overnight. Using better quality products is always safe and you can leave the fake tan on too long without being worried.

Leaving a good quality tanning product overnight will give you a better finish as the color will develop overnight.

Knowing Your Tanning Product is Important

To make your whole body get colored evenly almost every tanning product have a guide color. without a light tint, you may not achieve that even tone.

Most tanning products give the same result and to get a better color you can use it before going to bed and leave it overnight if the product contains a little color guide.

Here are different forms of fake tanning products that you can choose from.


Using gel tanners can be the best option for those with oily skin. it gives a better coverage as the gel gets absorbed easily through the oil.

People with oily skin can use it as it can help them get that desired result even after using less product.

Foam/ Mousse

Using a mousse or foam tanner can be the best option for beginners as it contains alcohol and thus, gets absorbed very easily.

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 It contains a very less amount of guide color so, it can be used just before bedtime.


Those who are new to fake tanning can use lotions as it takes longer to get absorbed by your skin. this will give you time to check whether the product has been used properly all over your body.

Vegans can use cruelty-free options that are available easily. You need to wait a little longer before going to bed with a lotion as it takes relatively longer to get completely absorbed by your skin.

Tips to Follow Before Leaving Fake Tan on Too Long

Although most fake tanning products can be left overnight to achieve that perfect golden tan, you should follow these tips shared below to get a better result.

1.Skin-to-skin Contact Should Be Avoided

You should sleep in your pajamas after applying the fake tanner to avoid skin-to-skin contact.

A fake tan can darken your skin and lead to dark patches if it reacts with dead skin cells.

2.Allow It to Dry Completely

Let your fake tan dry out completely before going to bed to prevent your bedsheets from getting stained.

You can get that even glowing tan only when the tanner gets completely absorbed by your skin.

3.Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Hydrating your skin using a good moisturizer will make the color last longer. So, after getting up in the morning your first task should be moisturizing your skin using a good moisturizer.


Using a fake tanner can be easy if you follow the above-shared tips properly. A good quality product can help you achieve that dark tan without damaging your skin.

Do not take a shower or start cleaning your bedsheet unless the tanner gets fully absorbed by your skin. leaving the tanner overnight to dry out completely can make it last longer.

The longevity of the color also depends on how often you take shower, go to the beaches, and if you sweat excessively.

in my opinion, you can leave the fake tan on too long if you use the best quality product and follow the tips shared above. Fake tanning is quite popular and the safest way of getting tan without many side effects.

So, get your fake tanner today and make yourself look more gorgeous without damaging your skin. 

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