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What Clothes Should You Wear After a Spray Tanning Session

What Clothes Should be worn After a Spray Tan

Spray tanning is a great way to get that perfect tanned look and healthy skin without any damage or side effects. But what to wear after the tanning process can affect the overall result.

Wearing uncomfortable and tight clothes after getting a spray tan can damage your tan. In this article, we will share with you what to wear after a spray tan to make your tan last longer.

What to Wear the Day After a Spray Tan?

The attire you put on after the spray tanning session is very important. So, let us find out what to wear after a spray tan.

Choose the Right Clothes

To get the desired result the tan has to remain on the skin surface for some time.

So, choosing the right cloth after getting a spray tan is very important. You can wear a loose long cotton dress with sleeves.

A loose dress cannot mess with the tanning solution and can also help you feel relaxed after the spray tanning session. Avoid tight-fitting clothes and clothes that have a large band of elastic.

Your Shoes

Sometimes people complain that their body parts are getting tanned faster than their legs. This happens because of wearing the wrong footwear after tanning.

You should avoid socks and closed-toe shoes after spray tanning. It is best to wear flip-flops after the session to achieve the same skin tone throughout your body.

 Do Not Carry Bulky Items

Carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder after the tanning session can leave a big mark.

So try to avoid carrying any bulky item like your bag after getting the spray tan.

Wear Dark Clothes

Wearing dark-colored clothes after the tanning session is always advisable. This is because the chemicals present in the tanning solution can stain your clothes easily.

These chemicals will not react fast with dark-colored clothes and will help you to stay hygienic and clean.

 Say No to Jewelry

Wearing jewelry can leave marks on your body parts during and after the tanning session.

So, it is best to take off your jewelry before going for a spray tanning session.

Try Out Perfume

Due to the presence of chemicals, some spray tanners may smell bad.

So, to cover up the smell you can perfume the clothes that you decide to wear after the session. Avoid using deodorant or body spray.

A Skirt Can Be Comfortable

Wearing a skirt after the spray tanning session can make you comfortable and help you to get an even tan.

By wearing a skirt your legs get fresh air that can give you that perfect tanned look in no time.

What Not to Wear After a Spray Tan?

Wearing some clothes should be totally avoided after the spray tanning session. Let us find out what not to wear after a spray tan.

 Strappy Sandals, Boots

Wearing strappy sandals and boots after the session can rub lines around your ankles and your feet.

So, try to avoid wearing boots, strappy sandals, and pumps.

Tight Clothes

Wearing tight clothes like a tight top, shorts, pants, or shirt after the spray tanning session can remove the tanning solution from some of your body parts. It can also create a mess on your hand, leg, face, and hair.

Do Not Wear Leggings

Wearing leggings after the spray tanning session is not a good idea. Leggings have seams and tight waistbands that can rub the solution from your skin.

Bra for a Spray Tan

Wearing any type of bra like sports bras or regular bras can rub the tan from your skin.

So, it is best to avoid wearing bras during and after the spray tanning session.

What to Wear During a Spray Tan?

As now we are aware of what to wear and what not to wear after a spray tanning session let us find out what to wear during a spray tanning session

  • Wear loose and dark-colored clothes during a spray tanning session.
  • Apply lotion after your spray tanning session is over.
  • You can wear flip-flops and a skirt after the session.

So, these are some useful and effective tips on what to wear after and during a spray tan. You can wear the items mentioned above only after your first shower.

Follow these tips and enjoy that perfect tanned look with healthy and glowing skin in no time.

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