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Prepare Your Skin for the First Time You Get a Spray Tan

first time Spray tan tips

Being transparent about spray tanning before doing it is very important as it can guide you on the right path.

In this article, we will share with you what is spray tanning and how it works on your skin.

What is Spray Tanning and How Does It Work?

In all self-tanners, the main ingredient used is known as DHA. DHA creates a brown color on the surface of the skin and gives you a tanned appearance.

A chemical reaction occurs between the amino acid present on the surface cells of your skin and the DHA, the colorless three-carbon sugar.

After the spray, you can notice the desired result within 30 minutes to 8 hours. As DHA reacts with the cells of the outermost layer of the skin so, it is harmless for your skin.

Your skin type plays an important role in determining the shade and the glow depends on the amount of DHA present in the product.

Your spray tan can start fading away after 5 to 7 days when the top layer of the skin cells starts shedding naturally. To maintain a tanned look you need to take proper care.

DHA- What is It?

DHA is used in place of the UV rays of the sun to tan your skin. DHA is prepared by refining beets and sugarcane which is then, mixed and used as a spray tan.

Step-by-Step Guide to Prepping Your Skin for a Flawless First Spray Tan


The day before performing spray tanning try to exfoliate your body correctly. The DHA used in spray tanners works well after reacting with the protein keratin in your skin cells.

So, exfoliating your skin before spray tanning will provide you with a result that lasts longer. Read on to prepare your skin before you get tanned for the first time.

Get Undressed Before Spray Tanning

Remove all jewelry and undress while the therapist waits for you outside the room. This will give a proper tanned look without leaving any white patches.

Explain What You Like

When the therapist asks you about how deep a tan you want then, explain yourself clearly.

It is very important to inform the therapist about the occasion for which you are getting the tan so, that he can use the spray tan on your skin accordingly.

A lighter shade will give you a natural look whereas a darker shade will last longer.

Be Foundation- Free

Make-up can act as a barrier. So, try to remove all the makeup and deodorant before getting a spray tan.

Let the Therapist Follow His Own Way

Every therapist has his own way of working. So, do not take the stress and close your eyes and take a deep breath as advised.

The therapist will start applying the formula with a spray gun. Your front will be done first and then the back.

Follow the instructions properly

Every therapist has their secret technique. When they are done with spray tanning some may dry you down with an air hose and others might buff the skin.

The therapist will clean your nails and palms of your hands before letting you go.

Get Dressed When You Are Dry

Wear loose-fitting clothes after the tanning session. Get dressed when you are completely dry so, that your clothes do not rub the tan off.


You can take a shower after 6 hours of tanning. But if you are using a brand like St. Tropez offers then, the gap between your tanning session and shower can be much lesser.

The Smell of Your Skin

After spray tanning, your skin may smell like a malty biscuit because of the color used. Apply perfume if you do not like the smell.

No Plan for the Rest of the Day

Though the durability of the color depends on the brand you use, it is better to have no other plan for the rest of the day.

Washing It Off the Next Morning

It is definitely alright if you do not want to take a shower after 6 to 8 hours of tanning and wash it off the next day. It only depends on how long you can stay with the mess on your body and in your bedroom.

So these are some useful tips to guide you before spray tanning. As the tanning technique is very simple so, you can get it done on different occasions and on holidays. Just remember to take proper care of your skin after getting tanned.

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