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Guide to Stand-up Tanning Bed and How to Use Them

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People always want to get that perfect bronzed look after tanning. Using a tanning bed is the most common and quickest way of getting that sun-kissed look without even going out in the sun.

Tanning beds can be of different types like lying tanning beds and stand-up tanning beds. If anyone does not like to use the lying tanning beds or has back issues then, they can go for the stand-up beds.

It is very important to know how to use a tanning bed in the right way to avoid skin and health damage.

Here we will discuss some stand-up tanning bed tips so, that you can easily get that healthy, glowing tan without damaging your skin.

Benefits Of Using Stand-up Tanning Beds

Stand-up tanning beds can be the best option for those who are claustrophobic. Here are some benefits of using stand-up tanning beds.

Get a More even-toned Look

Lying on a tanning bed often causes some restrictions and the UV rays do not reach some parts of your body.

While most of the stand-up tanning beds have bars inside to help you to keep your arms raised and elevated. This led to more even coverage.

Cleaning Is Easy

Lay-down tanning beds need to be cleaned more often after a person has used them to wipe away the tanning lotion and sweat.

But in the case of a stand-up tanning bed, the person has to just stand inside to get tan. So, it is easy to clean a stand-up tanning bed as there is no residue left behind after use.

Require Less Time

The lamps used in a stand-up tanning bed are more powerful than the lay-down beds.

Because of the intensity, you can get that tanned look in no time. This can save you time if you want to get a fast tan.

Disadvantages Of Using Stand-up Tanning Beds

Besides several benefits using a stand-up tanning bed can have some disadvantages. Let us discuss some of them.

Not Very Comfortable

Stand-up tanning beds are not as relaxing as lay-down beds. You need to stand while tanning using a stand-up tanning bed which, can be quite unpleasant if you are tired.

If you are back from work and want to get tan then, you will definitely prefer to lay down and relax during the complete procedure.

Avoid Stand-up Beds if You Get Dizzy

People who get dizzy in warm temperatures should always avoid using a stand-up tanning bed.

This is because the stand-up tanning beds do not offset increased temperature and the tanning beds get warm as it contains fan-like lay-downs.

Tips to Follow Before Using Tanning Session

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Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Skin

Tan stays longer on the fresh skin layer. So, it is important to exfoliate your body using a gentle scrub or shower gel to remove the dead cells.

Your tan can easily fade away very fast if you do not exfoliate your skin the night before your tanning session.

After exfoliating hydrating your skin is necessary. You can use an oil-free moisturizer or lotion before and after the tanning session.

Tanning beds often make your skin, dry and flaky so, hydrating your skin is very important to lock moisture.

Do not use oil or oil-based moisturizer as oil acts as a barrier and prevents your skin from getting that even-toned tan look.

Consult Your Doctor

Your skin can be more sensitive when exposed to UV rays while using tanning beds if you are taking any medication.

So, you can consult your doctor to check whether you can go for tanning beds. Also Read: Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Tanning Bed Rashes

Avoid Products With SPF

Using sun protector creams or lotions on a tanning bed can prevent you from achieving the desired tan look. So, avoid using SPF products while tanning.

Avoid Wearing  Jewelry

Wearing jewelry while tanning can lead to an unevenly tanned look. Remove all the jewelry before the tanning session.

To get even coverage going nude in a tanning booth is the best option.

Long Hair Should Be Tied

When you are using a stand-up tanning bed then, tie your hair to get tan evenly.

Your hair can block the parts of your neck and back and thus, there is a chance of getting an uneven tanned look.

Learn to Operate a Tanning Bed

It is very important to know how to operate a tanning bed before tanning to get that sun-kissed look.

Your salon attendant can give you the instructions that you need to know before using a stand-up tanning bed.

Tips While Using Stand-up Tanning Beds

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There are some general tips you need to follow during stand-up tanning beds to get that perfect tanned look easily.

Proper Dressing Is Important

Dressing appropriately is very important to get that even coverage. Wearing a swimsuit during stand-up tanning beds can be a good idea.

But the best option is to go nude during tanning. Cover your private parts as they are sensitive and should not be exposed to UV rays. The lesser cloth you wear the better result you get.

Use Tanning Goggles

Exposure to UV rays can cause serious damage to your eyes. So, it is always advisable to wear tanning goggles during the stand-up tanning beds to protect your eyes from UV rays.

Support Your Arms

Stand-up tanning beds contain bars to support your arms during tanning.

Hold your arms in the right posture to ensure the UV light hits your underarms and you get a streak-free tan.

Raise your arms high if there are no bars on the side of the stand-up tanning booth.

Spend Less Time

Using a stand-up tanning bed can help you to get tan very quickly as these beds emit stronger waves. So, it is always advisable to set less time.

Start your tanning session from 15 to 20 minutes and increase the time if needed.

Stand in the Right Position

To get effective results it is very important to place your body in the right position.

To get that even-toned look stand in the center of the tanning booth and close the door.

Tips to Follow After Using Tanning

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To make your tan last longer you need to follow some useful tips after using stand-up tanning beds.

Hydrate Your Skin

After the tanning procedure, your skin loses moisture and becomes dry and flaky. So, it is very important to use a light moisturizer twice a day to hydrate your skin.

You should also drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and maintain a glowing tan.

Avoid Taking Showers Too Soon

Taking shower just after the tanning session can wash away all your efforts. The tan takes at least 2 hours to spread completely.

So, you should wait 2 hours after tanning to take shower. Use lukewarm water for the shower and apply an oil-free moisturizer after the shower.


To remove dead skin cells you need to exfoliate your skin once a week.

Use brushes or sponges to exfoliate your skin gently so, that the tan does not fade away.

Take a Break

Using stand-up tanning beds help you to get a stronger tan very quickly and, the tan lasts longer.

So, you should wait for at least 24 hours before going for the next session.


Using tanning beds can be most convenient even if the weather outside is not suitable for getting tan.

The stand-up tanning bed tips mentioned above can help you to get that glowing bronzed look without damaging your skin.

Long exposure to UV rays can cause severe damage to your health, skin, and eyes.

So, follow the tips while using a tanning booth and hold your glowing and healthy tanned look for a long.

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