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Can You Apply Makeup After a Spray Tan

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Makeup is very essential for most women and they cannot live without makeup. So, most women ask me if can they put on makeup after a spray tanning session.

The answer from my end would be yes you can put on makeup afterward.

But you need to choose the right makeup products for your skin. Any mistake can leave you with an uneven, splotchy tanned look.

So, in this article I will let you know if can you put on makeup afterward and the makeup to wear after a spray tanning session.

Is It Right to Put on Makeup After a Spray Tan?

Spray tanning is a delicate process of controlling the melanin of your skin.

Spray tanning itself is a kind of makeup for your whole body. But wearing makeup can make your skin more radiant.

But you cannot wear any makeup product that needs to be washed off after some time.

Washing your face just after the tanning session can fade off the spray tan from your skin.  So, it is best to wait for 5 to 8 hours before applying makeup over a spray tan.

Liquid or Powdered Makeup. Which One to Choose?

Before using any makeup after a spray tanning session it is advisable to know the difference between liquid and powdered makeup.

As liquid makeup is easy to wash off so, we often use liquid makeup.

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But, applying liquid makeup on a fresh tan can lead to ugly patches and blotches.

On the other hand, using powdered makeup over a spray tan can be a good idea.

You should wait for at least 1 hour before applying liquid makeup.

People with sensitive skin should wait for 90 to 120 minutes to prevent skin problems like acne breakouts.

The Makeup You Can and Can’t Wear After a Spray Tan

As mentioned earlier it is very important to choose the right makeup after spray tanning. Here I will discuss makeup to wear and not to wear after a spray tanning session.

Use Lipstick

To draw more attention to your skin and to enhance your look you can try lipstick with colors like peach, rose, or brown after a spray tanning session.


To give your face a gentle glow over a spray tan you can use blushes of light shades like pink or peach. Avoid using dark blushes.

Apply Foundation

You need to choose a foundation that matches your tan color. You can also mix and use a darker shade of foundation with the one you already have.

Put on Eye Shadow

You should put more focus on your eye makeup. Use eye shadows with some nude, sparkly, or neutral shades.

Apply Eyeliner and Mascara

You can go for a light eyeliner over a spray tan if you have a good hand. And mascara can easily be used after a spray tanning session.

Just make sure not to touch other parts of your face while using eyeliner or mascara.

How Long Should You Wait to Apply Makeup After a Spray Tan?

As mentioned above using powdered makeup after spray tanning is the best idea.

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But if you want to apply liquid makeup then, you need to wait for at least 5 to 8 hours to prevent a blotchy tan.

Using liquid makeup just after the spray tanning session can make your face wet and thus remove the tan easily.

So, wearing makeup afterward is perfectly fine. But you need to choose the right makeup and also keep in mind that your makeup look is not overdone.

And lastly, the longer you wait before using any makeup afterward the best result you get.

So, ladies out there go for your spray tanning session without the fear of leaving makeup over a spray tan.

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