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Here’s How to Remove Tough Fake Tan Using a Magic Eraser

magic eraser to remove spray tan easily
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As the name suggests magic erasers work like a wonder to clean stains and scuffs throughout the house.

People often get surprised knowing that this magic eraser can be used to remove patches caused by spray tans. Some believe the harsh sponge can damage your skin.

Some of my clients ask me if using a magic eraser is a good idea to remove spray tan.

And I suggest they use it once and then, decide. Here, I will let you understand what is a magic eraser, how to use it, and if it is the best option.

What Are Magic Erasers?

These erasers are made from an organic base of white crystals also called “melamine”.

The melamine gets transformed into a plush foam when combined with other compounds and forms the magic eraser.

It is used to clean dirt and stains from all surfaces as it has a sandpaper-like texture.

This eraser can be used in tougher areas because of its high tensile strength. To create a tough resin sometimes formaldehyde is added to a magic eraser.

Keeping this item in your house can be quite beneficial for you to remove dirt and tough stains.

Why Would You Use a Magic Eraser on Your Skin?

As mentioned above this eraser has a sandpaper-like texture so, it can be used as an exfoliator to remove spray tan patches from your skin.

DHA present in spray tans is responsible for making the outer layer of your skin darker and gives you a tanned appearance.

A spray tan is a transculent formula that reacts with your skin and makes it appear darker. After the procedure, you can wash off the tanned parts of your skin.

Using a magic eraser can help you remove the dead skin cells that have been tanned by scrubbing them off. It also removes dirt and impurities and makes your skin clean.

But, using this eraser can sometimes damage your skin as it is made of harsh materials and compounds. People with sensitivity should avoid using this eraser.

How to Use a Magic Eraser to Remove Spray Tans?

It is always good to do a patch test before using the magic eraser on your skin.

Dampen the eraser using some warm water and rub it gently over the spray tan affected skin.

Always remember the scrubbing should be done gently as overdoing it can make your skin irritated, red, and sore.

The healthy layers of your skin can get removed if you scrub too hard using the magic eraser.

These erasers are chemical-free and can be quite effective if used properly.

But using these erasers too often can damage the delicate areas of your skin. Excess rubbing can lead to skin damage.

Due to continued pressure, the elastin and collagen present at the surface of the skin may break down and thus, lead to skin sagging. People who are above 40 years should be very careful while using the eraser.

A magic eraser should be used mostly on ankles, knees, and elbows as these areas are tougher and drier than other parts of the skin.

Using the eraser on these areas will not cause much damage to the skin. Avoid using the eraser on delicate areas like arms, legs, and face.

Is Using a Magic Eraser the Best Option?

Different people have different opinions on using a magic eraser to remove spray tans.

Some people love them after using them as it is a cheap product and easily remove spray tan with a few gentle scrubs.

There are several products available in the market to remove spray tans but the magic eraser is an easy alternative to remove tans and get back the natural tone of your skin.

After scrubbing the spray tan from your skin using the eraser you need to moisturize your skin well to keep it nourished and hydrated.

The magic eraser does not provide any nourishment to your skin other than removing tan.

Some people complain, that their skin has turned out to be red and inflamed after using the magic eraser.

But these complaints are mostly done by people with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin should go for a patch test before using the eraser.

This will help them to understand how the eraser is reacting with their skin.

Using the magic eraser on drier and hardier skin like the elbow, and knee will not cause any damage to the skin and easily remove the stains caused by the spray tan.

But for sensitive parts of your skin avoid using the eraser to remove the stains. Instead, use baby oil, lemon, or specially made tan removal products.

Using a magic eraser is not the best option if you want to remove spray tan from your whole body.

Using these erasers on delicate parts and sensitive skin can cause severe damage.

You need to look out for different options available in the market to remove spray tan from the whole body.

But you can surely remove spray tan from tougher and drier areas using the eraser.

How Do I Remove Spray Tan From the Back of My Hands?

The area of skin at the back of your hands is very sensitive and thin. So, you should not scrub them with the magic eraser.

You can use baking soda to remove spray tans from the back of your hands.

Wet your skin and rub some baking soda with water onto the surface of the skin. This will help you to get rid of the stains caused by the spray tan easily.

After rubbing for some time rinse it off using warm water. To get the visible result you need to follow this remedy quite a few times.

Why Do Spray Tan Turns Orange?

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the ingredient responsible for coloring your skin. So, if too much DHA is applied to the skin it will give your skin an orange tone.

So, you should always follow the rule “less is more” while applying self-tanner at home.

People often tend to apply more tanner to get that darker tone but, it is quite difficult to lighten the too dark tan.

Will a Spray Tan Fade Evenly?

Although spray tans are not permanent, fading of spray tan depends on the skin condition of a person and the care taken after tanning. Most spray tans start fading away after 7 days.  

How evenly the spray tan fades mostly depends on how well-nourished your skin is.

You can use lemon juice or baby oil to remove the tan if you notice your spray tan is not fading evenly.


Although magic erasers remove spray tan effectively, they can cause damage to your skin.

Always go for a patch test before proceeding. Use it on the drier and tougher areas of your skin and rub gently.

Never use a magic eraser on delicate and sensitive skin as it might cause more harm than good.

So, now as you know the advantages and drawbacks of using a magic eraser you need to decide whether you want to use it or not.

You can also try out other remedies to remove spray tan as taking care of your skin should be your priority.

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