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How Many Calories Do You Burn in a Tanning Bed?

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Whether you are going outdoors for natural tanning or using a tanning bed your main concern is to get that perfect glowing bronzed look. Tanning has been in fashion since 1920 and is still popular among people in 2022.

In my previous articles, I have already discussed the benefits and ways of getting tan.

But recently some of my clients asked me does tanning burns calories. Losing weight is quite trendy nowadays so, people often wish they could lose some weight while getting tan.

So, being a tanning expert here in this article I will let you know does tanning burns calories and if yes then, how many calories do you burn while getting tan?

How Many Calories Can You Burn in the Tanning Bed?

Burning calories do not have much to do with tanning beds as tanning beds are used to get that glowing golden tan without going out.

The sweat coming up while getting tan is to maintain your body temperature and has no connection with weight loss.

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You lose around 53 calories while using a tanning bed but, it is the same calories you burn while sitting and watching TV or reading books at home. Relaxing usually helps you to burn some calories.

So, there is no miracle a tanning bed does to your body except help you get tan.

As you do not perform any physical exercises or aerobic activity while lying down in a tanning bed so, there is no chance of burning any extra calories while getting tan.

Tanning is just a chemical procedure to increase your skin’s melanin production and help you get tan. So, my answer would be “NO” You cannot burn calories in a tanning bed.

Sweating and Tanning Beds

Sweating is common when you are getting tan in a tanning bed to maintain your body temperature.

As sweat comes up many people think they are burning calories. But, perspiring has nothing to do with weight loss. This water loss gets back immediately when you drink water.

Sometimes, people think the sweat is helping them to burn calories and spend too much time in the tanning bed.

But this can be harmful not only to your skin but also to your body. Excess sweat can cause dehydration and lead to serious health problems.

The tanning bulbs attached to the tanning beds produce heat which causes sweat. So, you should drink some water after your tanning session to keep your body hydrated.

Does Tanning Burn Fat or Calories?

Burning some calories while getting tan is only possible if you perform some physical activities like walking or jogging out in the sun.

It is definitely possible to exercise while getting tan in the sun which can help you to lose weight besides, getting that perfect bronzed look.

But do remember it is not at all possible to lose weight while tanning without performing any physical activities like walking, swimming, jogging, or any other aerobic activities.

if burning calories is your priority then, tanning must be paired with physical exercises and following a healthy diet. So, go out in the sun and exercise more to lose weight besides getting tan.

Does Sun Tanning Help in Burning More Calories?

As mentioned above working out under the sun on those sunny days can surely help you to burn some calories besides, getting tan.

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Exercising in hot weather is perfect for losing weight as your body burns more energy in the sun than in cold temperatures.

When the weather is cold you need to work out harder to lose weight as the heat produced is used by your body to keep it warm.

So, hot weather and summer are the perfect time to burn more calories along with the hot-whether exercises.


Nowadays, tanning has become one of the popular and best skin-beautifying processes.

But do remember that only lying down under the sun or in a tanning bed cannot help you to burn calories besides tanning.

Tanning has no direct connection with weight loss as exposure to the UV rays can just give you that dark glowing tan.

Sweating while getting tan just maintains your body temperature and keeps your body cool while tanning.

being a tanning professional I will suggest you all go out this summer and do some physical exercises under the sun to burn calories while getting that glowing tanned look.

So, enjoy your tanning session this summer without worrying much about burning calories and losing weight.

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