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2 Methods You Should Always Try to Clean Your Tanning Mitt

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Your self-tanning mitt plays a vital role in helping you get that perfect glowing tanned look. without using this self-tanning applicator it can be a disaster when applying a fake tan.

Although, most self-tanning mittens last forever but not taking proper care can make them non-usable. It is one of the important tanning accessories and you should clean it properly after use.

Here I will share with you some valuable tips on how to clean your self-tanning mitt so that it lasts longer.

How to Clean Your Self-Tanning Mitt?

Your self-tanning mitt gets stained after you have used it to blend your tan. Although you can use the stained tanning mitt again, some people want to make it look clean.

Cleaning your mitt and taking proper care can make it last longer. So, here are some useful ways to clean your self-tanning mitt.

Method 1: Simple Handwash

Step 1You can just wash your mitt with cold water after use if you don’t mind stains on it.
Step 2Rinse your mitt under cold water and make sure the water runs clear through it.
Step 3Washing the mitt properly with warm water and a gentle soap can give it a soft finish.
Step 4Take a bowl of lukewarm water and soap. Dip your dirty, stained mitt in the solution for a few minutes.
Step 5After some time take the mitt out of the solution and hold it under a running cold water tap.
Step 6To rinse away the soap completely, rub the mitt gently between your palms.
Step 7To get visible results follow this remedy thrice a week.
Step 8Do wash your buffing mitt after every use by following the same method.
Step 9Do not use a dryer as it can shrink your tanning mitt.

As your tanning mitt is clean now, you can try to apply your favorite tanning gel, spray lotion, or mousse using the mitt again.

Method 2: Club Soda or Laundry Detergents

Step 1Using detergents or soda can be very effective in cleaning any self-tanning mitt.
Step 2Besides, removing the stains also keeps your mitt soft and gentle.
Step 3You can use either club soda or laundry detergents to clean the mitt.
Step 4First, hold your mitt under cold running water to remove the extra product from it.
Step 5Take some detergent or soda and mix it with water.
Step 6Now use this mixture on your stained mitt.
Step 7Scrub your mitt gently as harsh scrubbing can damage it.
Step 8Now, rinse the mitt properly using water and a handwash to get satisfactory results.

Extra Tips to Follow

Reshape Your Mitt

Reshape your tanning mitt as much as possible after washing and squeezing extra water from it. The risk of your mitt becoming deformed reduces if you re-shape it after every use.

Wash Your Mitt

Washing your mitt after every use prevents any stains from setting on it permanently. Re-using the mitt without washing can give you an uneven and patchy look after the application.

Do Not Use the Washing Machine

Washing your tanning mitt in the washing machine can shrink it. The other clothes also get stained if washed with your tanning mitt in the same wash.

Dry It Properly

Never use the dryer to make your mitt dry as it can damage the material. Using an air dryer can make your mitt damp and thus, lead to mold build-up.

Should You Clean Your Mitt or Get a New One?

My clients often ask me if should they get a new mitt or clean the stained one.

My answer is before replacing the mitt and buying a new one you should know how long you can use the existing one. If you take proper care of your mitt then, it will last for up to 6 months.

But after using it a few times your mitt will lose its softness and become rough. Sometimes reusing the stained mitt leads to an uneven or patchy tan.

Self-Tanning Mitt Applicator

It helps you apply the tanning lotion evenly to every inch of your body. The tan mitt is suitable for most types of mousse, tanning lotion, and tanning sprays.

For this reason, sometimes, I recommend my clients to go for a new one when they feel the mitt is losing its velvety, soft texture.

I have already mentioned in my previous article that there are two types of self-tanning mitts available on the market.

But you should always buy reusable ones as they are completely worth it. Disposable mitts are quite expensive and they can harm our environment.

So, avoid using disposable ones. Before buying a mitt do remember to check the quality of the product so, that it lasts longer.     


Although Self-tanning mitts are quite cheap and easily available in the market but getting a new one every time is not a good idea. There is no problem in reusing your mitt if you take proper care of it.

Washing the mitt is very important after every use to prevent stains from setting on the mitt.

I hope this article will help you to take proper care of your tanning mitt so, that it lasts longer and you can save some money. 

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