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Planet Fitness Doesn’t Have Scales – Here’s Why?

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Weighing scales are a vital part of any fitness club or gym. As people are not determined of being healthy and fit unless they step on scales to know their exact body weight.

However, an overweighed or underweight person often gets disappointed when they do not see the desired number on the scale.

Some of my clients and friends ask me does planet fitness have scales. My answer to them is “NO” planet fitness does not have scales.

So, in this article, I will share some more details about why planet fitness does not have scales in their gym even though it is one of the most popular fitness clubs.

Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?

Planet fitness does not believe that the number displayed on a weighing scale can only make a person stay healthy and fit. They have a slogan “judgment-free zone” and they mean it seriously.

Here are some other reasons that planet fitness does not have scales in their gym.

Their Members Get Disheartened

The number displayed on the scale can discourage a person who does not see many changes in their weight that they have desired for.

As people expect a lot of change in their physique and body weight after a few days of hard work in the gym so, a scale can discourage them easily.

They often get disheartened when they found that they have not reached their targetted weight. Thus, to avoid discouragement planet fitness does not have scales.

Depending on Numbers and the Scale Increases

Most gyms just rely on the scales and the number being displayed to measure the progress of a person. However, it is a misconception.

Planet Fitness believes that person’s overall health should depend on different factors like muscle mass, appearance, and strength and not only their weight.

It Might Take Longer to Get the Desired Result

During weight loss, our body loses fat from the internal organs first like the kidneys and liver which is not shown on the scale.

So, people often get disheartened when they find that even after a lot of hard work they are not getting the desired result.

This is one of the reasons why planet fitness does not have scales as they believe change can take longer than anticipated.

Why Does Planet Fitness Not Have Scales?

Although most gyms have scales to check out the progress of their members, planet fitness does not believe in scales.

Stepping on a scale every day can become an addiction. And if a person does not get their desired number to be displayed on the scale then, they often become disheartened and restless.


Planet fitness believes that your overall health depends on different other factors like appearance or changes to your strength and not only weight.

They also believe that if a person does not see their desired number on the scale then, they lose interest and quit. They become confused and change their plan of getting a healthy and fit body every few months.

Thus, planet fitness doesn’t have scales and they want their members to be healthy and fit from the inside out.

Why Weighing Scales Are So Important for Most Gyms?

Most gyms use scales to check the consistency and progress of their members. However, research has shown that people who check out their weight on a daily weighing scale cannot lose their weight permanently.

These people will put on weight within 2 years. So, monitoring your weight is important but do not make it a habit without considering other factors.

What Can Be a Good Option a Gym Can Opt for Its Members?

Gyms should encourage and give proper training to their members. So that they do not have to step on a scale every time to find out how to fit them.

Gyms should also educate their members about all the other factors that need to be considered to keep themselves fit and healthy.

They should also motivate their members not to be disheartened if they do not see their desired number on the screen.


Planet Fitness is one of the most popular fitness clubs in the US. They have been in business for over 30 years with franchises in 50 states.

Their slogan “judgment-free zone” motivates people to be a part of the planet fitness family.

Without just showing professionalism they work to inspire their members and help them get a healthy and fit body.

They also have an international foothold in Panama, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Their dedication and care for each of their members at the cheapest rate make people be a part of them.

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