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Tanning Before or After a Workout – Which is Better?

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Working out is a must to get a healthy and fit body. However, getting that glowing dark tan with a fit body sometimes becomes difficult to achieve. To achieve a healthy body and that dark, even tan most of us need to follow a consistent routine.

Also, we need to take out some time from our busy schedules and spend some time in the sun, tanning booth, or using self-tanners to get tan. Gyms and clubs like planet fitness offer both workout and tanning together under one roof so, you can visit one of them to save time and get both healthy and tanned bodies. To know more about planet fitness go through my post on Planet Fitness Tanning Bed Levels.

My friends and clients often ask me if should I tan before or after working out. So, being a tanning expert my answer to them is tanning can be done either before or after tanning.

Here in this post, I will talk more about whether tanning should be done before or after a workout and which is better. So, go through this article thoroughly to get a fit body and beautiful tanned skin together.

Should You Tan Before or After Working Out?

As mentioned above tanning, either way is perfectly fine. However, to provide more details to my friends and followers who want to know more about this topic let’s break it down.

Sun Tanning and Workout

As we all know sun tanning is the most natural form of tanning. Most of us love to spend time under the sun on those warm sunny days. So, let us find out should the sun tanning be done before or after a workout.

Sun Tanning Before Working Out

Working out before sun tanning is a good idea as it opens the pores and increases blood circulation. Absorbing the sun rays properly is very important to get that dark, even tan. Open pores can help you absorb the UV rays completely. So, to get the desired result working out before sun tanning can be a great idea. However, as we know everything has its own benefits and disadvantages.

So, here the drawback of suntanning before a workout is that it can lead to excess sweating and dehydration. Spending time under the sun to get tan after intense exercise can make your body tired and dehydrated.

sun’s rays depends on the time you go for a sunbath

So, taking adequate fluid is very important if you want to work out before sun tanning.

Sun Tanning After Working Out

Sun tanning after working out can be the easiest option for those who love to spend time in outdoor activities like surfing and swimming. You just don’t have to lay under the sun to get that glowing tan. Light exercises and different outdoor activities can be done along with getting tan.

However, if you want to try out some intense exercises then, it should be performed indoors as spending excess hours under the sun can cause sunburn. Also, remove any tanning oil before going to the gym for a workout and tanning just after a workout. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated all the time.

Spray Tanning and Workout

In most cases, spray tanning and workout complements each other quite well. So, it is absolutely safe to use spay tanners before or after working out to achieve that glowing, dark tan.

Just remember not to go for a spray tanning session immediately after working out and also do not work out just after using the spray tan. Spray tanners need some time to dry out so, that you can get that even, dark tan.


Also, using spray tanners just after a workout can fade it away as sweating happens during a workout and it needs some time to dry out.

It is best to wait for 8 to 10 hours after spray tanning and before hitting the gym so that, the color develops completely. Also Read: Can I Wait 24 Hours to Shower After a Spray Tan?

Spray Tanning Before Working Out

As mentioned above 8 to 10 hours gap is necessary for the color to develop and then, you can go for a workout. Exercising just after using spray tanners can fade them away easily and lead to streaks and patches.

Working out leads to excessive sweat that can fade away the color if not developed completely. So, you need to be patient during the tan development time and then, jump onto the treadmills or pick up your dumbells. 

Unlike, planet fitness if you do not have the facility to avail both workout and tanning under one roof then, make sure you make an appointment on different days. To make your tan last longer and to get a healthy and fit body a proper gap between both is very important.

Spray Tanning After Working Out

Getting a spray tan done after working out is perfectly fine. As, working out leads to sweating and your pores get opened up so, using spray tanners after exercising can give you that perfect result.

The DHA present in self-tanners increases melanin production so, if your pores are open you can get that dark tan quite easily.

Tanning Beds and Workout

Most of us use tanning beds to get tan on those cold winter days when the sun is not out. Let us find out if is it better to tan before or after a workout using tanning beds.

Using Tanning Beds Before a Workout

As we all know tanning beds use lamps that emit UV rays to make us tan. Using tanning beds before a workout is perfectly alright as your pores open up when getting tan using a tanning bed.

Sweating after laying on the tanning beds can be a plus point as it will give you a smoother and deeper tan. The only drawback of using tanning beds before a workout is that both together can dehydrate your body. 

a person trying to burn calories while getting tan in a tanning bed

To get the best result and to avoid dehydration exfoliate and take shower before your tanning bed session. Also, use a good indoor tanning lotion to prevent burn and damage. You can check out my post on some of the best indoor tanning lotions.

To keep your skin properly hydrated drink plenty of water.

Using Tanning Beds After a Workout

Tanning beds are quite similar to sunbeds and we do not need to apply any extra product to get that dark tan. Your skin will get darkened naturally when exposed to UV rays.

So, using tanning beds after a workout is not a problem as there is nothing to get washed off. Exercising before a tanning bed session will increase blood circulation and thus, help you to get a dark, even, glowing tan. You also do not have to worry about sweating when using tanning beds to get tan.


So, tanning both before and after a workout can be done without any severe side effects. You just need to decide which mode of tanning you want to get and prepare yourself accordingly.

Just avoid workout immediately before or after using spray tanning products as they will wash off easily if not develop completely.

Open pores can easily absorb more UV rays and DHA and thus, will leave you with that dark, even, and glowing tan.

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