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7 Ways to Protect Your Hair in a Tanning Bed

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We all protect our skin and eyes from harmful UV rays while tanning. However, we often forget to protect our hair which results in severe hair damage.

My clients often complain that their hair has turned out to be very dry and damaged after their tanning session.

The UV rays can cause damage to your color-treated hair and make them dry. So, it is very important to protect your hair while tanning so that it does get exposed to the light source directly.

In this article, I will share with you some most effective ways to protect your hair in a tanning bed.

I will also let you know tanning beds bad for your hair. So, check out the post thoroughly.

Is Using Tanning Bed Bad for Your Hair?

Overexposure to UV rays while using tanning beds or tanning outdoors can cause severe damage to your hair. You will notice your hair to be extremely dry that breaks out easily.

Some tanning salons help to take that required precaution before using a tanning booth. Staying in the tanning bed or out in the sun for a longer period can make your hair lose nutrients and moisture. Thus, your hair becomes dry and damaged easily.

Damaged and dry hair can be unmanageable and annoying. So, protecting your hair properly before the tanning session is always recommended. Here I will let you know can tanning beds damage your hair.

Dyed Hair Can Fade Away

Color, treated, permed or dyed hair can be affected if exposed directly to UV rays while using a tanning bed.

As the color and treated hair are more porous so, they can get damaged very fast if not protected.

You need to take preventive measures and cover up your hair properly when tanning to stop your dyed hair from fading away.

Can Lead to Very Dry Hair

Both indoor and outdoor tanning can damage your hair and make them extremely dry.

When your hair gets exposed to UV rays it starts losing its natural nutrients and moisture and thus, becomes very dry.

A tanning salon will always cover your hair and help you with a perfect shade before tanning.

However, if you are tanning at home using a tanning bed or outside in the sun then, do remember to take necessary precautions. Also, do not spend very long hours in a tanning bed or in the sun.

Can Tanning Beds Whiten Your Teeth

I will also let you know how to protect your teeth from damage in the tanning bed.

How Can You Protect Your Hair in a Tanning Bed?

Here are some best and most useful tips that can help you in protecting your hair in a tanning bed so that you have the perfect shade of skin and beautifully colored hair to match.

Use a Towel

You can cover your hair using a towel or a turban while getting tan in a tanning bed or under the sun. this will protect your hair from direct exposure to UV rays.

Wear a Shower Cap

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Although wearing shower caps while getting tan can prevent your hair from damage, can make your scalp, and hair gets sweaty and hot.

Use a Beanie

You can tuck all of your hair inside while using a beanie. This will keep your hair safe while being exposed to UV rays when tanning.

Just, let the fan on as your scalp and hair may become too warm when using a beanie while getting tan.

Apply Conditioner

Using conditioner beforehand can be an effective way to protect your hair from UV rays.

Get a good hair-protective conditioner from the market and prevent your hair from dryness and damage.

Go for a Protective Headgear

Most tanning salon in the US offers special headgear to cover your hair in a tanning bed. These head gears are very light and can protect your hair from damage.

Use a Large Headband

A headband will not make your scalp and hair warm as a beanie does. So, you can easily tuck your hair under a large headband. It is good for those who are planning a long tanning session.

Heat Protectants Are a Must

Heat protectants can be used on the scalp and to the end of your hair before going to your tanning session.

This will protect your hair from damage and dryness and can be a good option for those who don’t want to cover up their hair using a band or a beanie.

How to Protect Your Hair From the Heat of a Tanning Bed?

You can use a good conditioner meant for your hair before the tanning session. Also, use some heat protectant spray so, that UV rays cannot harm your hair directly.

A protective layer of conditioner or hair serum will lock in moisture and prevent drying of the scalp and hair after tanning.

Before and After Care Tips Between Tanning Sessions

To keep your hair healthy you should take proper care of your hair before and after every tanning session. Here, are some extra tips to help you with the same.

Moisturizing Your Hair is Important

Using a good hair oil or conditioner can act as a barrier and prevent your hair from damage when exposed to UV rays. It also moisturizes your hair and makes it smooth and healthy.

Apply a Hair Mask

To strengthen your hair and keep it nourished, you should apply a hair mask once a week after your tanning session.

Always Go for a Mild Shampoo

Most shampoos available in the market contain chemicals that can make your hair more dry and brittle. So, always use a mild shampoo gently on your scalp and hair to prevent further damage.

Try a Hat

It is always a good idea to wear a hat whenever you are tanning outdoors. This will prevent your hair and scalp from being exposed to the UV rays directly and thus, reduce the chance of hair damage.

Final Thought

Using tanning beds is the easiest way to get that perfect glowing tan without going out.

But, protecting your hair along with your eyes and skin from being exposed to UV rays is also very important.

Not taking proper precautions can cause severe damage and dryness to your hair. So, follow the tips shared above and enjoy your tanning session without getting worried about hair being damaged. 


Can I Go Into a Tanning Bed With Wet Hair?

Taking a shower just before your tanning session can stop the color to develop fast as wet hair can drip. You may also have to wait until your hair is dry before using the tanning bed or any tanning products. So, it is always better to take a shower an hour or two before your tanning session and make sure your hair is completely dry.

Will Tanning Lighten My Hair?

Your hair may get light when tanning in the sun or in tanning beds. So, to prevent this you can cover your hair with a towel during your tanning sessions.

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