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Are Tanning Lotions Sold by Planet Fitness?

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Using a good tanning lotion is the only way to protect your skin and get that perfect bronzed look while tanning. There are different tanning lotions available in the market and you need to choose the one that suits your skin type. A good tanning lotion also hydrates your skin while tanning. 

As I have shared a lot of information about planet fitness in my previous articles so, my clients often ask me does planet fitness have its own tanning lotion. My answer to them is YES planet fitness does have four types of tanning lotions that can be used by all skin types.

Some of the planet fitness gyms can charge you to get their tanning lotion whereas some of their gyms also offer tanning lotions for free. To avail their premium services you should get their black card membership instead of their regular membership.

If you are new to planet fitness and visiting them for the first time then, it is better to carry your tanning lotion with you.

In this article, I will give you some more information on planet fitness tanning lotions and how to buy them.

Can You Buy Planet Fitness Tanning Lotions?

As mentioned above planet fitness have four types of tanning lotions that can only be purchased by their members.

These tanning lotions can protect your skin and enhance your tan while using tanning beds. These tanning lotions are meant for different skin types and thus, can be used by all.

If you are not sure about whether you will get their tanning lotion for free then, it is better to take some money along with you when you are visiting them for the first time. As the cost of their tanning lotions is not mentioned online so, you cannot check it before visiting them.

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As mentioned above some Planet Fitness gyms offer their tanning lotions for free while others don’t. Different products and services are provided at different locations as planet fitness gyms are independently owned.

Some of their gyms offer different products that you can choose from while others don’t. So it mainly depends on their location. If you are a beginner then, always carry your own tanning lotion while visiting them.

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How Can You Use a Tanning Bed at a Planet Fitness?

Not everyone can get access to use tanning beds at planet fitness. There are different instructions you need to follow to avail their tanning services. 

First of all, to use the tanning beds at planet fitness gyms you need to get a Black card membership. You can make a prior appointment or, at the desk before availing of their services.

The staffs at the planet fitness gyms are quite helpful and can guide you throughout the whole process if you are a beginner. You need to use your own tanning lotion or a planet fitness tanning lotion before using the tanning booths or beds. 

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You should be aware of your skin type so, that you can use the correct lotion. Also, take your sunglasses to protect your eyes while tanning. 

To get that even tan all over your body you should make sure your whole body is exposed to the lights evenly. To make your tan long-lasting do not take a shower immediately after your tanning bed session. Also Read: After How Many Hours of Tanning You Should Take a Shower

10 Best Tanning Bed Lotions

I will guide you to choose the best tanning lotion and also share my opinion on these tanning lotions.

Are Tanning Lotions Offered by Planet Fitness?

Some locations of planet fitness give free tanning lotions while other locations may charge for the same. As this gym is independently owned so, their different locations are going to be different.

Although planet fitness offer tanning lotions, they have limited option. So, if you are visiting one of their gyms for the first time then, it is better to carry your own tanning lotion with you.

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Using a tanning lotion before getting tan is very important to protect and hydrate your skin during and after the tanning session. Tanning lotions can also enhance your tan and prevent your skin from drying out.

The tanning goggles are also, offered for free at some of the Planet Fitness locations whereas some locations may sell them. It is also advisable to carry your own goggles to protect your eyes while tanning if you are going for the first time.

most tanning salons do not allow their members to use tanning beds without tanning goggles. The UV rays can cause severe damage to your eyes if not protected.

Wrapping Up

People often forget to take proper protection before using tanning beds. This can lead to severe skin damage and burns especially if you have a pale or whiter skin tone. 

So, whether it is a planet fitness tanning lotion or a regular tanning lotion using it before jumping into the bed or booth is necessary.

Visit your nearest Planet fitness gyms today to learn more about their tanning services and products. Also, carry your own products if you are a beginner and visiting planet fitness for the first time.

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