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How to Make Your Legs Tan Faster in a Tanning Bed

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The most common issue faced by most tanners is that their legs do not tan as much as the rest of the body in a tanning bed. My clients often complain to me about the same and ask me to suggest ways to get that even sun-kissed look.

Even after spending long hours in a tanning bed some of you may notice that the color of your legs does not match the rest of the body. As, we all want to get that even dark color so, uneven skin tone can be annoying.

So, if you are facing a similar issue then, I am here to help you with how to tan your legs in a tanning bed so that it matches the rest of your body. I will also share with you why your legs never tan as much as the rest of the body.

Why Legs Never Tan as Much as the Rest of the Body?

Shave or Wax

Women often need to wax or shave. Waxing exfoliates the layer of the tanned skin. So, the tan color of their legs differs from the rest of the body.

Melanin Production

The skin of the legs does not produce as much melanin as the rest of the body. The production of melanin is responsible for the dark color of your skin during the tanning process. So, less production of melanin causes less tan.

No Tanning Lamps for Legs

Most modern tanning beds available in the market have special UV lamps for the face, neck, and shoulders but not for the legs. Hence, the legs do get tan as much as the rest of the body.

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Uv Light Penetrate

The skin of the legs is usually thicker and dryer. So, it becomes difficult for the UV lights to penetrate. Thus, it becomes difficult to get that uniform flawless brown color.

Modern Tanning Beds

Modern tanning beds mostly concentrate on the top and middle parts of the body. Most of the tanning energy is used in these parts to accelerate the tanning process by increasing blood flow. So, you may notice your legs and body are of different shades after tanning.

Is It Possible to Tan Your Legs in a Tanning Bed?

Using a tanning bed is the fastest and safest way to get that glowing tan without going out in the sun. But the development of the color after tanning depends on the intensity of the lights used in tanning beds.

But you can definitely get that even glowing tan on your legs by preparing them in the right way before using tanning beds. Here I will share with you some useful tips on how to tan your legs in a tanning bed.

Waxing and Shaving

To avoid open pores waxing and shaving should be done 12 hours prior to the tanning session. It will also make your legs soft and fresh.

Do not wax or shave 3 days after the tanning session as your tan needs time to develop. Waxing or shaving just after tanning will fade away the tan overnight. You might also like: Can I Wait 24 Hours to Shower After a Spray Tan?

Take Proper Care

For the first few days after your tanning session, you need to take proper care of your tanned skin.

Dry skin can make your tan fade away faster so, always keep your skin hydrated by using oil-free tanning lotions and moisturizers and also drink adequate water. After the shower does not rub your skin using a towel, just pat it dry.

If needed you can use a self-tanner on top of the base tan to make the color last longer.

Your Legs Need Some Extra Care

To remove dead skin cells and make your legs fresh and smooth, exfoliating is very important before tanning.

Use an organic scrub to exfoliate your legs. You can also prepare a homemade scrub by mixing brown sugar with olive oil and using it as an exfoliator. Also Read: Homemade Natural Self-Tanning Lotion for Glowing Fake Tan

You should also use moisturizers that contain almond oil to prevent your skin from drying out. The moisturizer should always be applied 5 to 6 hours before going to the tanning bed.

Right Posture to Get Tan

One of the common reasons for your legs not getting tan as much as your body is the wrong posture.

While lying down in the tanning bed you need to part your legs so that the UV rays hit all the sides.

If you think your upper body has tanned darker than your legs then, you can cover the upper body and only expose your legs to the UV rays. Flip to your sides to ensure that no part has been left.


If you follow the above-mentioned tips properly then, you can easily tan your legs as much as the rest of the body in a tanning bed. Always take proper care before and after using tanning beds. So, stop worrying and get that uniform, natural, brown color on your legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to tan your legs in a sunbed?

The color of your tan also depends on your skin type. Dark skin type gets tan easily however, lighter skin type may take some time. You will notice the desired result only after 3 to 5 tanning bed sessions.

What is the best position for tanning legs?

Stretching out your body can make all your body parts get completely exposed to UV rays. To tan your legs like the rest of your body you should spread your legs and arms and lay on your back inside the tanning bed.

Should you shave your legs before or after using a tanning bed?

To get that even, glowing tan it is best to shave or wax your leg a few days before your tanning session. Shaving or waxing just after getting tan can fade away the color fast. So, wait for at least 24 hours to shave or wax after getting tan.

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  1. I have always had a hard time tanning my leggs. I use a really good lotion to in my tanning bed. Does carrot oil good to apply before your lotion? For a deep tan?

    • A Carrot oil is a great natural tanning oil that can be used to help achieve a deeper tan. It is best to apply the oil before using your lotion, as it will help to lock in the moisture and provide a better tanning result.


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