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Beach Chairs With Face Holes [March 2024]

A comfortable beach chair with open/close face hole placed in a yellow background
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Lying or sitting comfortably on beach chairs to soak some vitamin D can make your summer more relaxing and special. Nothing can be better than Sunbathing and spending time outdoors to get that natural bronzed look after long cold winter months.

Beach chairs are available in different shapes and sizes so that you can get the one according to your convenience and budget. These chairs help you to spend long hours in the sun comfortably. Beach chairs often come with face holes so you can read your favorite books while getting tan.

You can easily change positions while sitting or lying on these lounge chairs and thus, you can achieve that ultimate comfort. Different beach tanning chairs are available in the market and on online platforms. So, people often get confused about which one is best for them.

My Favorite Face Down Tanning Chair

Here are the top 3 tanning chairs on the list of my favorites.

Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounger with Chest Support, Portable Reclining Outdoor Patio Beach Lawn...
Weight Capacity
240 lbs
Special Feature
Arm holes, pillow. Lightweight
More Information
Ostrich 3N1 Lightweight Lawn Beach Reclining Lounge Chair with Footrest, Outdoor Furniture for...
Weight Capacity
260 lbs
Special Feature
Arm Rest, Head Support, Adjustable Lumbar
More Information
Oversized Heavy Duty Tanning Chair with Face Hole Adjustable 5-Position Folding Chaise Lounge Chairs...
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
Special Feature
Adjustable Lumbar, Ergonomic, Cup Holders
More Information

How to Choose the Best Beach Tanning Chair With a Face Hole?

There are different tanning lounge chairs available in the market. You need to consider some factors before getting the right product for yourself.

Your Chair Should Be Comfortable

These tanning chairs are available with both a face hole and also without a face hole. The one without a face hole comes with pillows so that you can comfortably lie down on it with your face down.

If you are comfortable then, using chairs with a face hole can also be a good option. Just keep in mind comfort should be your priority.

Strength of the chair

Your beach chair should be durable and strong enough to support your full body weight easily. Always buy a chair that can carry a minimum of 250 pounds.

As you will be using the chair regularly so, its frame should be strong and durable. A lightweight chair can fall off easily.

Material of the Chair

The material used in making the chair will determine its durability and strength. Lounging chairs with pillows should be soft enough so that you lay down on it comfortably.

The material used to make the chair should be removable and washable as sunscreen and tanning lotions used while tanning can make a stain on it. Also, the material should be good enough to withstand moisture without fading away fast.

Portable Chair

The beach chairs are meant to be used outdoors while tanning in the sun. Most people want to carry them on holidays so, that they can sunbathe wherever they want.

A portable lounge chair can be the best option if you are planning to carry it with you away from home. A good portable chair will be durable, strong, and lightweight and fold down easily.

Adjustable Lounging Chair

These adjustable chairs can be used as a recliner as well. You can tan easily and comfortably by adjusting the height of the chair.

Lying or sitting on these chairs can be relaxing as you can change positions easily to get that even, dark tan.

Added Features

Additional features are always great and make us happy. Always buy a tanning chair that has added features like back support, removable or built-in pillows, an armrest, and a face hole to make you feel comfortable while lying down.

Features like a cup holder or a backpack to fold and carry the chair can be useful.

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Top Beach Tanning Chairs With Face Hole

There are several tanning lounge chairs available in the market and thus, it becomes difficult to choose from the huge collection.

So, here are some top face-down tanning lounge chairs that you can buy for yourself today.

Ostrich 3-in-1 Chair Striped

The ostrich 3-in-1 striped chair can be a good option for those who want to get tan lying on a face-down tanning bed. Besides, a face cavity, it also has arm slots to place your arms comfortably while tanning.

The face hole can be opened and closed easily so, you can relax and sit down on this chair closing the face cavity. You can also keep your feet off the ground as this chair also has a footrest.

You can easily climb off the chair as it sits just 12 inches off the ground. There are 5 adjustable positions and an armrest to place your arms while getting tan and lying on your stomach as well.

What Are its Best Features?

  • It is a lightweight beach lounger
  • Comes with patented open/close face hole
  • Includes arm slots and pillows
  • The frame is made of rust-proof aluminum with an extra high back
  • It sits 12inches off the ground
  • Can hold up to 275 pounds
  • Also includes a cup holder and an adjustable footrest.

What Could Be Better?

  • The size of the chair is quite large thus, can be difficult to carry
  • Beware of getting a defective product

This chair has a durable and strong frame and is made from rust-proof aluminum. You can sit comfortably because of the extra-high back of the chair.

EasyGo Product FLIP Face Down Tanning Chaise

This chair can be used as a normal lounge chair to get that ultimate comfort. However, you can quickly flip it and lay down on it during your tanning session. It has holes to put on your face and arms and relax while sunbathing.

You can read your favorite books or watch your favorite show while tanning by inserting your arms and face through the chair. You can relax on this tanning chaise lounge chair and easily turn it over when you need to tan the front portion of your body. This traditional sun lounger allows you to get that even, dark tan without causing neck pain.

This chair is much stronger than others as it has 4 legs to provide the ultimate support to your body while tanning. It is a multipurpose item and can be used as a lounge chair and beach chair as well. It is made of textilene fabric to provide maximum support and comfort.

What Are Its Best Features?

  • Foldable chair allows you to lay flat on it
  • Lay on your face and read books while tanning
  • Made of the most durable and comfortable material
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes with face and armholes, a sliding headrest, to provide that ultimate comfort
  • Can be used by people with heavy weight
  • Can be used as both a normal lounge chair and a beach chair.

How can it Be Improved?

  • Some people may find it difficult to adjust the backrest
  • The face cut-out can be quite smaller for some people
  • Very expensive product.

This chair is made after 3 years of research so, that people can trust its quality and durability and it has become one of the best products available in the market. So, buy one for yourself today to get that comfort and safety while sun tanning this summer.

Costway Foldable Lounge Chair

Costway lounge chair is a foldable chair and thus, can be carried easily by yourself whenever you go away from home. It comes with a pillow and footrest to relax your legs while tanning. The pillows are adjustable, removable, and fluffy to make you feel more comfortable.

You can easily detach the pillow and use it as a face-hole beach tanning chair. This folding beach chair is made of premium quality steel and aluminum frame and thus, it is very stable. It can hold a maximum of about 331 lbs. It also has water-resistant features and is sunlight-proof.

You can choose your preferred position like sitting, leaning, or lying while sunbathing, this recliner can be adjusted into 5 positions with an adjustable backrest.

This foldable lounge chair is very lightweight i.e., 13 lbs. So, you can easily take it along with you whenever you want to go for outdoor activities like camping or fishing.

Oversized Heavy-duty Tanning Chair With Face Hole

As the name suggests this tanning chair comes with a face hole, a pillow, a footrest, and arm slots. The oversized heavy-duty tanning chair has more space to provide you with that ultimate comfort. Although extra-large in size this chair can be folded easily.

It comes with an adjustable 5-position outdoor chaise and a triangle locking system. This chair is made of a breathable and soft fabric with a convertible open/closed face hole.

Its thick powder-coated steel frame and 600D oxford fabric plus PU coating make it more sturdy and durable. As it is foldable so, you can easily carry it along with you when you are going out. You can also place it on the poolside, beach, garden, and lawn while getting tan.

What Do We Love It For?

  • It is an extra large folding lounge chair with more comfort
  • It comes with a pillow, arm slots, and an open/close face cavity
  • Has a thick powder-coated steel frame and soft breathable fabric
  • Can hold people up to 330 lbs
  • The built-in carrying handle makes it easy to carry
  • Also includes cup holders and an adjustable lumbar.

What Can Disappoint Us?

  • Can be quite expensive for some people
  • Stay away from defective products.

This chair can be easily used and carried by adults, the elderly, and children. This beach tanning chair can also be used as a guest bed, a camping cot, or a lounge chair.

Ostrich Lcl- 1006s Lcl Ladies Comfort Lounger

The ostrich ladies’ comfort lounger is specially designed and made for women. It comes with an open/closed face hole, a pillow, and arm holes. This 3-position folding beach lounge can be used anywhere besides a pool, lakeside, or beach.

The oversized frame and the 12-inch seat height provide extra space and make it easy to get in and out of this chair.

This beach tanning lounger is made of lightweight aluminum and breathable quick dry fabric for additional comfort.

Reasons to Buy

  • It is a lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum lounger
  • Includes a pillow, armholes, and patented open/close face hole
  • The 12-inch seat height makes it easy to get in and out of the chair
  • Also includes breast cavities so that women of all sizes can be comfortable while lying on their stomach
  • The over-sized frame provides extra space and comfort
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some people may experience the arm cutouts being spaced too far apart
  • Beware of receiving defective products.

This chair also has a patent-pending breast cavity for women to be comfortable when they are lying on their stomachs. Being portable it can be carried everywhere.

Fuairmee Chaise Beach Lounge Chairs With Face Hole

The Fuairmee Chaise lounge chairs come with a face cavity and a removable pillow. It also has a rotating canopy shade to protect your eyes and shade over your head while sunbathing.

Fuairmee Chaise Lounge Chairs for Outside, Foldable Recliner with Face Hole, Detachable Pillow,...
Available at Amazon Available at Walmart

It is made of a weather-resistant, rust-proof high-quality power-coated rust frame to provide you with the most comfort while tanning. The overall stability of this chair is ensured by its non-slip plastic feet design. It also has a maximum load capacity of 286 lbs.

This outdoor lounge chair has 4 adjustable positions with a triangle locking system. It can be placed anywhere such as balconies, lawns, beaches, swimming pools, and backyards while getting tan or just relaxing.

What Are Its Best Features?

  • Made of weather-resistant, rust-proof, high-quality metal frame
  • Has a removable pillow and a face hole
  • Has a rotating canopy shade to protect your head and eyes while tanning
  • Comes with a triangle locking system and 4 adjustable positions
  • Can be easily folded and the hand rope makes it easy to carry
  • 600D oxford fabric provides ultimate comfort
  • Can hold upto 286lbs.

How can it Be Improved?

  • Beware of defective products.

It can be easily folded and thus, saves space. The hand rope attached to the chair makes it easy to carry.

Take Away

Getting a comfortable chair for sunbathing is very important to get that dark, glowing tan while relaxing. There are several factors you need to consider before buying these chairs. A durable and folded chair can be a good option as you can carry it easily while traveling.

I hope the information shared above will help you get the top beach chair with a hole and you will enjoy your sun tanning session. Always use good sunscreen before going out in the sun to avoid skin burns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lay face down on a zero-gravity chair?

Zero gravity chairs do not lay flat completely. So, you cannot lay flat on your stomach in a zero-gravity chair like other chairs.

Are zero-gravity chairs good for the beach?

Most zero gravity chairs are made of strong, water and weather-resistant materials and thus, they provide ultimate comfort. However, some of these chairs are exceedingly heavy and can become difficult to carry up to the beach. So, yes you can use zero-gravity chairs for the beach but, not all of them.

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