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Bronzing Bed Vs Tanning Bed: Is There Any Difference?

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Using tanning beds can be the best option for you if, you do not have much time to go out in the sun to get tan. You can easily tan anytime you want according to your convenience when using tanning beds.

Unlike tanning beds bronzing beds have also become quite popular nowadays. Using a bronzing bed can produce faster and safer results compared to normal tanning beds.

Many people are still unaware of bronzing beds and cannot differentiate between a tanning bed and a bronzing bed. The main difference between these beds is their features and functions.

As tanning is my profession and love so, I like to gather information and use different tanning products. So, here in this article, I will give you some accurate and big differences between bronzing beds and tanning beds. Knowing more about a bronzing bed you will love to try them out to get that dark bronzed look faster.

What Do You Mean by a Bronzing Bed?

A bronzing bed is quite similar to a tanning bed that can help you get a deeper tan without going out in the sun. A bronzing bed uses different bulbs than tanning beds that produce different levels of UV rays to help you get that darker, long-lasting tan.

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Although a bronzing bed is quite similar to a tanning bed, the UV light produced by the bronzing beds is stronger and penetrates deeper into the skin. Thus, using a bronzing bed can give you that intense, rich color when compared to tanning beds.

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What is the Difference Between a Bronzing Bed and a Tanning Bed?

As mentioned above both these beds are quite similar and function in the same way. They both emit UVA and UVB lights to make you tan. Both these beds have powerful bulbs attached to them that produce UV rays. Although, tanning beds can help you get tan faster but, the bronzing beds emit more UVA rays than tanning beds to darken your skin quickly.

Here are some other differences between both the products you should know if you are deciding to buy one for yourself.

Amount of the UVA and UVB Rays

The percentage of the UVA and UVB rays produced by both these beds plays an important role in tanning.

Tanning BedsBronzing Beds
Tanning beds produce more UVB rays than bronzing beds. The UVB rays can help you get tan faster but, can cause severe skin damage if exposed for a longer period.Bronzing beds produce more UVA lights to help you get that deeper tan. The UVB rays can also help you get that vitamin D which is also produced by the sun.

So, if you want to absorb vitamin D besides getting that golden tan then, you need to go for the tanning beds instead of the bronzing beds.

Take proper protection before being exposed to these UV rays for long as it can cause skin cancer.

Bulbs Used

Both these beds have bulbs attached to them that produce strong UV rays to help you get that dark long-lasting tan. You will notice these bulbs to be on the cover and the bed surface where you lay down.

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Normal tanning beds have 10 to 50 bulbs attached to them. However, a bronzing bed may have more bulbs compared to a tanning bed to help you get that intense tan.

These large number of strong bulbs can help you achieve that even tan without the need to change your position frequently or flip over.

There are different standup bronzing booths with a large number of bulbs that you can try out to get that rich color.

Dark Color and Tanning Speed

As mentioned above the bronzing beds produce more UVA rays to make your tan darker so, that it also lasts long. The UVA rays get absorbed by the deeper layers of your skin and increase melanin production.

On the other hand, the tanning beds produce more UVB rays to make you tan faster. The UVB rays cannot help you get that darker, long-lasting tan instantly as the melanin is produced gradually and lessen when your skin does not need it anymore.

The main difference between both these beds is that a tanning bed makes you tan faster but the tan also fades way faster. And a bronzing bed helps you get that darker tan that lasts longer without fading away.

So, if you want that quick result then, try out tanning beds. However, if you want long-lasting results then, go for the bronzing beds.

Base Tan

A base tan forms when your skin is exposed to sunlight repeatedly. It is also formed when you are using tanning beds that produce more UVB rays like the sun. Some natural tan protection is provided by the base tan. So, you may not need to use any other chemical sunscreen to protect your skin.

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However, when you are using bronzing beds that produce more UVA than UVB lights then, no base tan can be formed and you need to use sunscreen with higher SPF to prevent skin burn and damage. If your bronzing bed has bulbs that mimic natural sunlight, you may notice that base tan formed to protect your skin.

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How Often Should You Use a Bronzing and Tanning Bed?

There are several factors that need to be considered when using a tanning or a bronzing bed.

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If you want that dark long-lasting color then, you have to spend more time in these beds. However, if you want to get a subtle and quicker tan then, getting a tan once or twice a week is enough.

As using a bronzing or tanning bed for a longer period can cause damage to your skin so, I advise my clients to go slow and gradually increase the time of their tanning bed session so, that their skin does not burn.

Some salons or tanning experts recommend people use these beds three times a week to build a base tan. However, going too fast can lead to severe burns and damage to your skin. So, overexposure to harmful rays should always be avoided.

Take Away

If you want to get that dark, long-lasting tan without going out in the sun then, try out both the tanning and bronzing beds to identify which suits you better. Also, do not forget to take the necessary precautions while using these beds.

If used properly then, both the bronzing bed and the tanning bed can be good options for those who do not have much time to spend in the sun. Using these beds can also allow getting tan at any time according to your convenience.

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