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Replace Tanning Bed Bulbs at Home: Follow These Easy Steps

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Bulbs or lamps attached to your tanning bed are the most important part of the bed. These lamps or bulbs produce UV rays and help you to get tan. Tanning beds are the easiest to get that perfect tan indoors without being exposed to the sun.

Sometimes your tanning bed can help you get tan faster than sun tanning. So, it is very important to replace bulbs whenever needed.

Most of my clients ask me how often the tanning bulbs should be replaced. So, here in this article, I will share with you some useful tips on how to change tanning bed bulbs and how often they should be changed.

What Are Tanning Bed Bulbs?

Tanning bed bulbs attached to your tanning beds emit ultraviolet rays. A tanning bed is often used to get tan indoors without being exposed to the sun.

Tanning bulbs increase the production of vitamin D and when your skin is exposed to the UV rays produced by the tanning lamps, it starts producing melanin faster. This makes your skin darker and you can get that perfect bronzed look easily.

As tanning bulbs are not the same as regular bulbs so, you need to take special care of those bulbs with higher wattage. You should always use bulbs that are specifically meant for your bed. Bulbs with higher wattage need to be replaced soon.

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How Often Should You Replace Tanning Bed Bulbs?

It is always recommended to change or replace your own tanning bed lamps as this can save a lot of money. Depending on a bed dealer to get the tanning bulbs replaced can be quite expensive.

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Different models of bulbs are available for specific tanning beds. So, if you get the one that is the correct model for your tanning bed then, you can easily replace it by yourself.

Salons replace their tanning lamps once a year but, if you are using tanning beds at home then, the bulbs can be changed every 3 to 5 years.

When you are replacing the tanning bed bulbs then it is always better to replace all of your bulbs at once. It can be quite cheap if you purchase in quantity.

But try not to buy the cheapest lamps as they could be of low quality and might not help you to get that perfect bronzed look. You can order your tanning bulbs online from a specialized retailer.

How to Change Tanning Bed Bulbs?

Tanning bulbs contain mercury and some other harmful materials. So, it is always advisable to wear gloves before changing them. To avoid any kind of injury unplug the tanning bed before removing the old lamps.

Avoid putting too much pressure on the glass and gently take out the old bulb. Then, pop the new bulb and check whether it is locked properly.

Even if one or two tanning bulbs have gone out you should always replace all of them at once to get the desired result.

Home Tanning Bed Bulbs Replacement Tips

Here are some tips to help you change the tanning bed lamps at home easily without making any mistakes.

Sunvision acrylic removal

Remove the colored plastic strips on both sides of each acrylic with a small flat-blade screwdriver.

After removing lift the acrylic and roll out the front. To remove the acrylics you do not need to take the ends off your tanning bed.

Clean Every Part Inside

To make your tanning bed work efficiently clean every part inside when you are taking your bed apart. Dusty reflectors can block UV rays.

To remove a thin powder coating you should also clean your new tanning bulbs. You can use glass cleaner to clean the reflectors and lamps but, do not use it on the acrylics.

Make a Note Before Shopping

While purchasing a tanning bed it is very important to note down your bed’s model number and name.

The name and number can help you get the correct model of tanning lamps for your tanning bed. You can shop online to get maximum options.

Re-install the Acrylics Later

It is always advisable to install and test the new bulbs before re-installing the acrylics.

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This is because once you re-install the acrylic then, it becomes difficult to check the lamp by twisting it. You can replace the acrylic after checking the lamps are working fine.

Buy a Bed Cleaner

You should always buy a bottle of bed cleaner along with your tanning lamps as they are cheaper than any window cleaner.

Cleaning your tanning bed with chlorine, Windex, or glass cleaners can cause the acrylic to block the UV rays. This will take a longer time to make you tan and you will not achieve that desired result.

Take Help

It is always a good idea to get help from someone when you are replacing the tanning bulbs. Taking help can prevent the breaking of those large, expensive acrylics.

Cut Your Tanning Session Time

After replacing the bulbs you should reduce your tanning session time as the new bulbs will produce more UV rays that can burn your skin. So, if you were going 20 minutes with the old bulbs then, go for 10 minutes after replacing the bulbs.

Change tanning bed bulbs as it is very necessary to get that perfect bronzed look. So, follow the above-mentioned tips and get tan easily without going out in the sun. Enjoy your tanning bed session at home.

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