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What Tanning Bed Lying Position Is Best to Get an Even Tan?

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Perfect tanning bed positions matter a lot. The right lying position in a tanning bed plays an important role in getting that dark, even, and beautiful tan. Lying positions are very important to avoid an ugly, uneven tan.

In this article, I will share with you some useful positions for you so, that your whole body gets tan equally.

Correct knowledge of the lying position is extremely important before going for a tanning bed session.

Why Does Proper Lying Position in a Tanning Bed Matter?

Not following the right positions in the tanning bed may leave you with that uneven, ugly tan. It may also cause damage to your eyes and skin.

as safety should be your first priority so, follow the proper lying position in a tanning bed and get that gorgeous, even tan without butt circles and moons, tan lines, and raccoon eyes.  

How Should You Lay in a Tanning Bed?

Here are some perfect positions shared below that you should follow in a tanning bed to achieve that dark, even tan.

Be Aware of the Tanning Procedure

It is always better to get the correct information regarding the tanning process before going out to a salon to get a tan.

You should also be aware of operating the lights and fans that are attached to the tanning beds. 

No Need for the Pillow

To provide you comfort most salons provide pillows in their tanning beds.

But, the problem is the pillow covers your neck and thus the area around your neck does not tan properly.

You may notice tan lines around your neck as it gets covered by the pillow. So, it is better to ditch the pillow to get that perfect even tan.

Your tanning session will last for a maximum of 20 minutes. So, you can easily lie down without a pillow for that short period.

No-Need-for-the-Pillowin tanning bed

Pick Up Your Legs

To avoid butt moon picking your legs up and bending your knees is quite important.

When the extra skin in your butt overlaps the thigh and forms a crease then, the butt moon occurs.

Picking your legs up and bending your knees will stretch out your skin and thus, the chances of getting butt moon will be very low.

Stretching Out

To get that even tan stretching out is necessary during your tanning bed session. The UV rays get absorbed by your skin well while stretching. You may notice an uneven tan if you keep your arm next to your body for a long.

So, stretch your arms above your head and switch positions so that all your body parts get equally exposed to the UV rays. You can easily get that dark tan if you give yourself more space while lying in a tanning bed.

Best Tanning Bed Lying Positions for an Even Tan

Here are some different tanning bed positions that can help your whole body get tan evenly.

Your Feet

You need to strain and stretch your feet and place them in an upright position. Only the hinds of your feet should be in contact with the tanning bed.


To make the UV rays reach this part properly you need to make an acute angle with your legs.

Although many people do not apply tanning lotion to the groin area, if you want to protect your skin from any damage then, using a tanning lotion is a good idea.

Thighs and Legs

Your rear thighs do not get exposed to UV rays when you are lying flat and heading upward. So, you need to follow a few steps and toss and turn your body so, that your legs and thighs get tan completely.

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You can also bend your knees and pick your legs up so, that your thighs and legs get tan evenly.

Only use your toes to prevent your legs and thighs from getting covered up when you are lying on your stomach.


The overlapping buttock skin over your thighs can often cause butt moons. So, tanning your buttocks sometimes becomes quite difficult.

Also, if you lay on your back for too long then, there is a chance of getting butt circles.

With the right calculated time, you need to flip onto your belly. Flex your hips and lay flat on your belly.


Most people do not feel comfortable lying on their stomachs to get their backs tanned. To make it more comfortable use your hands to rest your chin on it.

To make your knees and feet get tan evenly, raise your feet leaving your toes in contact with the bed. As this part of the body is large, it gets tan easily.

Shoulders and Neck

You need to follow proper tanning bed lying positions to get your neck and shoulders tan evenly. Before going for your tanning bed session tie your hair in a bun.

You need to prop your chin up and lay flat on your belly. To get the desired result your shoulders should be in direct contact with UV light all the time.

Chest and Belly

Lying on your back can be the most comfortable position for you in a tanning bed. To prevent your back from getting creases lie down as flat as possible.

Bend your legs and rest your feet on your heels while raising your knees slightly higher.

Be careful so, that your hands do not touch your body. To prevent butt moons try to switch positions


Although many people get worried about tanning their face, tanning your face is quite easy. Wearing tanning goggles is just before getting your face tanned. You need to lay on your back while tanning your face.

Not wearing tanning goggles may lead to eye damage. You may also have vision loss. Adjust your goggles a few times during the tanning session to avoid raccoon eyes.


  1. How to Stand in a Tanning Bed?

    You need to stand in the middle of the bed to get your whole body tanned evenly. Stand on the X marking on the floor of the tanning booth or bed once, you step through the door.

  2. Is It Possible to Lay on Your Stomach in a Tanning Bed?

    The general rule and the most common position of lying down in the tanning bed is on your stomach. So, you can comfortably lie down on your stomach during your tanning bed session.

  3. What Should You Wear to Lay in a Tanning Bed?

    If you are planning to go to a salon for your tanning bed session then, you need to decide what to wear beforehand. As these salons will not give you much time to decide on your clothes once to visit them. You can wear outerwear that makes you comfortable. But, tanning without clothes in a tanning bed can be the best option to get that even tan without tan lines.

  4. Can You Carry Your Phone in a Stand-up Tanning Bed?

    Being a tanning expert I will suggest you take to take your phone to the sunbed. There is no problem in carrying your phone in a stand-up tanning bed.


The information shared above is most accurate and useful to prevent tan lines and uneven tanning in a tanning bed.

So, you need to follow the proper tanning postures before visiting a salon with your favorite tanning lotion to get that healthy sun-kissed look. 

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