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How Long Does Tan Lines Take to Fade Away?

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We all love to get that beautiful, glowing, bronzed look after using fake tanners or by getting tan in the sun. spending long hours in the sun during those sunny summer days can be fun. However, getting tan lines is very common during this time.

Even if you are taking a lot of sun protection, still you can get those unwanted tan lines and streaks that can make you frustrated. These tan lines last anywhere between 10 days to 2 months and are mostly dependent on the time your skin has been exposed to the sun.

My clients often get worried about their tan lines and ask me to provide a solution to their problems. However,  it is not very easy to get rid of the tan lines that appear due to long sun exposure.

While using fake tanners you can easily remove the tan from your skin. however, it is quite difficult to remove tan lines that have been caused by sun exposure as the tan is rooted in the top layers of your skin.

To cover up your tan lines you can use bronzers. But it takes some time to get rid of your tan lines completely.

So, in this post, I will let my beloved readers know more about how long does tan line lasts and how to fade your tan lines faster.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Tan Line Disappear?

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Although tan lines are not permanent, most of the time they start fading away after 7 to 10 days. As you exfoliate your skin, the dead skin cells get removed and thus, fade away the tan along with it.

Sometimes, it takes a month or 2 to remove the tan lines completely. If you don’t stop going out in the sun for some time then, it will take time for your tan lines to fade away.

While fading your tan lines will begin to even out more and will not be in contrast to your other body parts without the tan lines.

Hydrating your skin using a good moisturizer is very important to make the tan fade evenly.

Your skin will not shed regularly if it is moisturized and thus, there will be a contrast between your tan lines and other body parts.

DIY Methods to Get Rid of Tan Lines

Get rid of tan lines quickly and easily with DIY methods that don’t involve expensive treatments or products.

How to Make Your Tan Line Fade Away Faster?

Here are a few useful tips you can follow to fade way your tan line faster.

Effective Tips to Even Out Tan Lines

Baby Oils:

Using baby oils can be a good option for you if, you have tan lines after using spray tanners or fake tanners. using baby oil while exfoliating can slough away the topmost layer of your skin faster.

baby oil can

Apply baby oil over your tan lines and leave it for half an hour. Then, exfoliate your skin while taking a shower. This will not only remove your tan lines but, also make your skin soft and hydrated.

Lemon with Aloe Vera:

Mix lemon juice with aloe vera and apply it on your tan lines. Aloe vera will keep your skin moisturized and lemon juice will lighten your skin.

Milk or Creek Yogurt:

Using dairy products like milk or Creek yogurt can be quite effective in removing tan lines. These ingredients are easily available in our kitchen and can be a good option to fade away tan lines faster.


You can take milk baths or massage your tan lines using Greek yogurt to get the desired result.

Final Thought

Getting a tan enhances our look and makes us happy. However, stubborn tan lines occur even if we take proper protection before going out in the sun.

The steps shared above can help you to fade away your tan lines faster without much effort.

So, follow these tips thoroughly to get that gorgeous bronzed look without the tan lines. Also, stop going out in the sun for a few days so that you do not develop a tan further. 


Can a Tan Line Be Permanent?

Our skin naturally exfoliates itself over time even, if we do not use any artificial exfoliator. When our skin sheds it takes off the tan along with itself. The older skin sheds off and new skin cells are formed. So, a tan line is never permanent and gets flaked off gradually.

Why Does My Tan Line Last So Long?

The tan line gradually fades away if it is not exposed to the sun and develops a tan further. However, it takes longer to fade away the tan lines if the skin cells become damaged with pigment and discoloration.

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