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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Self-tanning by Tanning Touch

ultimate beginner guide to self-tanning

UV tanning can sometimes damage your skin and cause premature aging. So, to get that natural look you can go for self-tanning. The right product can give you a natural non-streaky finish.

It is very easy to apply for self-tanners. There are several self-tanning products available in the market that match your skin tone.

But identifying the original product is very important as many fake products are also available in the market.

So, do not be fooled by fake and cheap products. To get the desired result you need to invest in a quality product so, that you can get that natural-looking sunless tan.

In this article, we will share with you how to get that natural self-tan look.

Beginners Guide to Self-tanning

how to apply self-tanner without a mitt

Let us find out the proper technique of self-tanning for a long-lasting tanned look.

Apply Tanner in Your Knuckle Creases

Bend your fingers to apply the tanner properly in your knuckle creases. Make sure you are covering all the nooks on your body.

Apply Tanner in a Dry and Cool Area

Humidity, water, and sweat can melt or break down the self-tanning product from your skin.

So, try to apply the self-tanner in a cool, dry area with less humidity.

Before Applying Self-tanner Exfoliate Your Bodz

To remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from your skin it is very important to exfoliate your body properly before self-tanning.

Oil might create a barrier between your skin and the tanner which can cause unevenness.

Cover the Bottom of Your Feet With Tape

Orange spots can be seen on the soles of your feet in case you step into the fallen residue of the self-tanning product. So it is better to stick tape on the bottom of your feet.

Apply Oil-free Lotion After Shower

It is important to take a shower after exfoliating the body. Before using a self-tanner apply an oil-free lotion to your hands, fingertips, elbows, knees, and back of your heels, these body parts have large pores and will absorb more pigment than other parts of the body.

Try Body Makeup as a Self-tanner

You can try out body makeup instead of any self-tanning product. Body makeup and bronzers can also give your body an instant glow.

You can also wash off the makeup whenever you like and can get back to your makeup-free skin in no time.

When You Are Outside Use a Self-tanner With SPF

Using a self-tanner with SPF can protect your skin from sun damage without the use of sunscreen.

Self-tanner with SPF can give you that gorgeous glow even if you are outside.

Contour Your Body Parts

Applying a self-tanner on your face can be quite challenging. Contour your cheekbones on the sides of your forehead and under your jawline with the self-tanner and a small sponge brush to get that naturally contoured effect. You can also contour certain areas on your legs, arms, butt, and abs.

Maintain Your Tan

Your tan can fade faster if you use more oil-based products. So, try to use oil-free lotion and body wash to get that long-lasting tanned look.

Self-tanner Remover

Use a self-tanner remover to speed up the shedding process if your tan starts fading unevenly. Remove all the old tan before reapplying a new layer of the self-tanner.

So these are some tips for perfect tanning. Using a self-tanner can be very simple. Following the proper application technique, you can easily get that natural tanned look.

An original self-tanner with natural ingredients will last longer and will give you that desired tanned look in no time.

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