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Do Not Have a Mitt to Apply Self-tanner? Here’s What to Do

how to apply self-tanner without a mitt

The traditional way of applying a self-tanning solution is by using a mitt. But we often don’t have that luxury or a mitt handy. So, you can go for some other options that are even better.

Although using a high-quality tanning mitt can help you get an even spread, there are several other ways of applying fake tanners.

You can apply the self-tanners using your hands, socks, or rubber gloves. You just need to identify which works best for you.

To know more about how to apply self-tanner without a mitt and how to prepare yourself for sunless tanning go through the article below.

How to Apply a Self-tanning Solution Without a Mitt?

If you do not have the mitt handy you can definitely choose other options like socks, cling wrap, self-tanning wipes, or rubber gloves to get a tan using self-tanners.

Using a mitt is not necessary for sunless tanning. Some people use their hands to apply self-tanners but, it can lead to streaks and splotches on your hands and nails.

So, here I will discuss with you how to apply self-tanners without using a mitt.

Try Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is easily available and can be the cheapest option. Applying self-tanners using plastic wrap will also not make your hands and nails colorful as it is not porous and the self-tanner cannot make it to your skin.

self tanner without mitt by using Plastic wrap
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You just need to wrap it around your hand properly and apply the self-tanning solution all over your skin.

When you finish you do not need to clean the plastic wrap for reuse and can easily discard it. Plastic wrap has a smooth surface that can give you an even tan just like a mitt.

Apply Self-tanner Using Socks

The fabric of socks and a mitt is quite similar. So, when you are using socks to apply self-tanners it can just feel like using a mitt. Turn the sock inside out and use it to apply the fake tanners.

Multi-colored socks on a white background
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As socks can soak the tanning solution so it is advisable to use a barrier cream on your hands to avoid patches and streaks. Using socks can also be a good and cheap option as you can wash the sock after application and reuse it.

Tanning Wipes to Apply Self-tanner

Tanning wipes are easily available in the market or any online store. You do not need any effort to use them while applying self-tanners.

apply self tanner without mitt by using Tanning Wipes
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Using organic, paraben-free, and vegan self-tanning wipes is always recommended as they are good for your skin.

Use Rubber Gloves

Mitt can absorb a lot of the self-tanning solution during application. Using rubber gloves can help you to get the full value as it doesn’t absorb the tanning solution. Rubber gloves have finger holes which makes the application easy.

black rubber gloves
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Rubber gloves are not porous hence, the tanning solution does not get to your hands and make them orange.

These gloves are easy to wash as the self-tanner does not stick to the gloves. So, you can reuse it whenever needed.

Try Cling Wrap

You all know that cling wrap is used to wrap your food. But you can also wrap your hands with a cling wrap before applying the self-tanners.

food wrapped in plastic clingfilm in pink and yellow background
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Although a cling wrap is not reusable it can protect your hands from orange streaks during the application. Just discard it after use.

Using Your Hands

Using your hands to apply the self-tanners is the easiest way. Many people are comfortable using their hands to apply fake tanners.

But using your hands can make them orange with streaks and splotches. The color of your hands will look different from the rest of the body.

So, if you want to use your hands for applying the tanning solution then, be prepared for its consequences.

Tips to Follow to Get That Perfect Sunless Tan Without Using a Mitt

  • Use oil-free products to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize your skin before applying the self-tanners.
  • Apply the tanning solution evenly to every part of your body after reading the directions given in the box.
  • The different product takes different times to get dry after application. Just read the instructionss before the application. You should always leave the product for 20 to 25 minutes to get dry. Using a hairdryer can help the product dry out faster.

There are several options available to apply a self-tanner without using a mitt. Sometimes these options can be more convenient than using a mitt. You can easily apply self-tanners by choosing the best option for you.

So, get that perfect bronzed look using fake tanners and without even using a mitt. Sunless tanning is always better as it does not damage your skin and you can get that even, dark tan without going out.

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