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Manly Glow: 5 Top-rated Tanning Lotions for Men 2024

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When we talk about tanning we always think of making a woman beautiful. However, both women and men are associated with getting that dark bronzed tan to enhance their look. Nowadays men are equally concerned about their looks and do not want to stay back when they get a chance to look more handsome.

As we all know tanning lotions are quite popular nowadays and they can help you get that desired tan faster even, without being exposed to the UV rays. So, there is a huge variety of tanning lotions available in the market for both men and women. Men often spend a lot of time outdoors so, getting a tanning lotion with high SPF for complete protection from harmful UV rays is very important.

Every person has a different skin type so, choosing the right lotion for your skin can only help you get that sun-kissed look without skin irritation and damage. People with sensitive skin should be more aware when buying a tanning lotion as their lotion should be free of paraben, chemicals, and strong fragrances.

The time you spend outdoors should also be taken into consideration when buying a tanning lotion. Although, there are different products available in the market but, you should choose a product after doing some research. You can also talk to your dermatologist before buying a tanning lotion to make sure what ingredients will suit your skin better.

In my previous articles, I have already shared about different best tanning lotions for women. So, here I will share with you some of the best tanning lotions for men. I will also let all my male clients and friends understand the importance of tanning lotion. So, go through this post thoroughly to get answers to your queries.

What Are the Factors You Need to Consider Before Choosing Tanning Lotions for Men?

To get that glowing and healthy tan without skin damage the tips shared below should be taken into consideration.

Tattoo Protecting Lotion

Getting a tattoo is the ultimate fashion nowadays. So, always go for a tanning lotion that can prevent your tattoos from fading away. Your tanning lotion must have a non-cosmetic bronzer that contains DHA. Also, use a lotion with skin protection and moisturizer to protect the ink from fading away faster.

a man is sitting with tattoos on his body after getting tan

Use an accelerator, intensifier, or maximizer if you are going for a short session in a tanning bed to get tan faster.

Check Out for the Ingredients

The ingredient used in preparing tanning lotion is always mentioned on the label of the bottle. You should always choose a product that contains no harmful chemicals. Also, make sure the products suit your skin type and provide complete protection.

Try to go for lotions that contain natural ingredients to get better results without any severe side effects.

Get One That Suits Your Skin Type

Different people have different skin types. So, it is very important to choose the product according to your skin type. If you have dry skin then, always go for a product that will moisturize your skin besides tanning.

Whereas a person with sensitive skin should always use a product that is free of harsh chemicals and fragrances to avoid skin irritation.

Adequate Sun Protection

Your tanning lotion should contain adequate sun protection to prevent your skin from sun damage. When using an outdoor tanning lotion make sure it is of minimum SPF 15 or above.


Although all the tanning lotions mentioned in this post are the best in the market, the ones I’ve listed below are my top picks.

For Quicker Result: Millennium Tanning Solid Black

Achieve a healthy glow within one hour after using it with a tanning bed.

For Extra Dark Tan: The Sicilian 200X Dark Black Bronzer

The Sicilian uses only the highest levels of DHA to give you a naturally dark tan.

Tattoo Fade Protector: Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden

It helps prolong the life and radiance of your tattoos and tanning results.

Top 5 Tanning Lotions for Men in the Market

Here are a few best tanning lotions for men that I often suggest to my male clients to achieve that dark, glowing tan. After a lot of research and getting genuine reviews from different people here are the top 5 brands in the market.

The Sicilian 200x Dark Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

The Sicilian 200X Dark Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion – BEST Tanning Lotion For Glowing Skin –...

It is one of the premium products you should get for yourself today to get that natural dark tan with healthy skin. This product has high levels of DHA to make your skin darker without much effort.

This lotion contains macadamia and walnut oils, CoQ10, and silicone to make your skin soft, youthful, and healthy. It gives you a fresh feeling as it contains odor-blocking properties. This tanning lotion can be used at the beach, salon, or at home.

The Sicilian 200x black bronzer gives you that long-lasting tan as it contains premium ingredients.

What Are Its Best Features?

  • Gives natural dark tan and healthy skin
  • Contains macadamia and walnut oil for glowing skin
  • Contains odor-blocking properties
  • Can be used at both home and the beach
  • Gives long-lasting and fast result
  • Premium product

How can it Be Improved?

  • May lead to streaks and blotches if not applied properly
  • All may not love the smell

Item Form: Lotion

Skin Type: All

Product Benefits: Nourishing, Softening

Devoted Creations H.i.m Chrome Natural Bronzer for Men’s Tanning

DEVOTED CREATIONS H.I.M Chrome Natural Bronzer For Men Tanning Lotion 8.5 oz

This bronzer from the devoted creation can help you achieve that stain-free dark tan. It is free from DHA and also protects your tattoo from fading away.

This tanning lotion contains tamanu oil that moisturizes your skin, fades away stretch marks, and scars, and reduces signs of aging besides helping you get that streak-free tan.

What Are its Best Features?

  • DHA free bronzer
  • Protects tattoos from fading away
  • Provides a stain-free tan
  • Contains tamanu oil to moisturize skin and prevent wrinkles, scars, and blemishes.
  • Suitable for all skin types

What Could Be Better?

  • Some people may get rashes
  • The smell of the product may not be liked by all

Item Form: Lotion

Skin Type: Acne Prone, Dry

Product Benefits: Moisturizing

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion Cruelty-free

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Mineral Oil Free, DHA Free...

This tanning lotion has a tattoo fade-protecting formula to prevent the ink of your tattoo from fading away while tanning. It can give you that dark glowing look even, if it does not contain bronzing agents.

This lotion contains natural ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut milk, and coconut oil to hydrate your skin besides tanning. The Milano bronze and quad tyrosine blend increases melanin production and thus helps you get tan faster.

It has a light scent of vanilla and coconut that is loved by most people. There is a logo of a palm tree on the bottle of an ED hardy tanning lotion and it is a part of the Tanovations company.

What Do We Love It For?

  • Contains natural ingredients to hydrate skin
  • Free of bronzing agents
  • Protects tattoos from fading away
  • Increases melanin formation thus helping to tan fast
  • Has a pleasant scent of vanilla and coconut

What Can Disappoint Us?

  • May cause itchiness and rashes
  • Some people may feel the smell to be quite strong.

Item Form: Lotion

Skin Type: All

Product Benefits: Hydrating

Millenium Tanning Solid Black 100x Indoor Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X Indoor Tanning Lotion for Tanning Beds,13.5 Fluid Ounces, 3-pack

Although it is an indoor tanning lotion, it can be used while tanning using tanning beds or out in the sun. This lotion contains silicone and bronzer to help you achieve that dark tan.

It is a safe product made by a US-based company. They make high-quality products for both men and women.

This lotion also contains fruit extracts and essential oils to nourish your skin while getting tan. You will not feel any painful tingling sensation while using this product.

Reasons to Buy

  • Provides faster results at first application
  • Helps to get dark, even tan
  • Essential oils Moisturizes skin
  • No painful tingling sensation after application
  • Has a pleasant orchid-blush scent
  • Non-greasy product

Reasons to Avoid

  • May lead to streaks and blotches
  • All may not love the smell

Item Form: Lotion

Skin Type: All

Skin Tone: Medium Deep

Devoted Creations – H.i.m Titanium Bronzer -8.5 Oz

Devoted Creations HIM BRONZER Mens Tanning Lotion 9 oz.

Devoted Creation is a well-known brand and you can get instant results after using their tanning lotions.

This tanning lotion is very lightweight and gets absorbed by the skin quickly. The base ingredient of this tanning lotion is aloe vera and not water. Aloe vera juice regenerates your skin besides tanning.

It has a fresh masculine scent known as “oriental black cashmere”. This lotion contains avocado to prevent sunburn and pigmentation.

What Are Its Best Features?

  • Lightweight lotion
  • Has a pleasant oriental black cashmere fragrance
  • Helps to get tan fast
  • Non-sticky product

How can it Be Improved?

  • The smell is quite strong
  • This may lead to orange patches and stains
  • Some people may experience rashes and itchiness

Skin Tone: All

Skin Type: All

Material : Hypoallergenic

How to Achieve That Perfect Tan?

Here are a few tips to help you achieve that desired tan without causing damage to your skin.


Men have more body hair than women. So, it is always suggested to shave off the hair before getting tan to get that perfect, even tan without any interference.

Avoid Over-exposure

Maintaining the right time while tanning can prevent your skin from sunburnt and damage. So, always try to avoid overexposure to the to the UV rays.


If you are tanning for the first time then, 10 to 15 minutes in the sun is more than enough to help you get that bronzed look. You should not stay out in the sun for more than 2 hours. If you use tanning beds, each of your tanning sessions should be 10 to 15 minutes long and occur three times a week.

Protect Your Eyes

Our eyes are the most delicate part of our body. So, you should protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while tanning. Always wear protective glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes from damage.


Exfoliating your skin before the tanning session is very important. Scrubbing your skin removes dead skin cells and thus, helps you to achieve that even, dark tan without streaks and patches.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Tanning often causes dehydration. So, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated during and after the process. Always drink adequate water or any other fluid to prevent health problems caused due to dehydration.

What Are the Risks of Tanning?

Unlike, all other beauty treatments tanning involves some risks as well. Overexposure to UV rays or using the wrong products can cause permanent damage to your skin.

Here are some risks involved that you need to keep in mind while tanning.

Damaged Eye

Being exposed to the UV rays can cause severe damage to your eyes. It can lead to sunburn of the cornea and thus, can damage your eyesight permanently. So, it is mandatory to wear good protective glasses when being exposed to UV rays while tanning.

Solar or Actinic Keratoses

Being in the sun or tanning bed for long hours increases the chance of getting skin cancer. It may lead to solar or actinic keratoses which is known to be the initial stage of skin cancer and can be fatal.

May Lead to Cancer

Being exposed to UV rays frequently and using self-tanning products with harmful chemicals can cause skin cancer very fast.

Aftercare Tips to Make Your Tan Last Longer

Here are some most effective aftercare tips you should consider to maintain your tan and make it long-lasting.

Limit Water ExposureDo not stay in the water for long hours as it can fade away the tan faster
Sunscreen and Protective ClothingAlways use good sunscreen and sun-protective clothes to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays
Quality MoisturizerTanning may lead to dryness of your skin. So use a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated
Cleansers to Preserve Your TanTo prevent the tan from stripping away fast always use a mild cleanser while bathing.

Take Away

Unlike women men equally love to look handsome with that gorgeous bronzed look. So, the above-mentioned product can help you all achieve that desired tan without any severe side effects.

Some of these products can be used as both indoor and outdoor lotions so, you can easily use them during winter months when the sun is not very strong. Always take care of your skin after tanning to make the tan last longer.

So, buy your favorite products today and complement your better half with that glowing sun-kissed look.


Is it okay for guys to tan?

Yes, men should tan without any hesitation, unlike women. The rules to follow by men before going for a tanning session are the same as for women.

What are the benefits of tanning for men?

Sunbathing can balance out your natural skin tones. Tanning helps a man look more muscular by highlighting the triceps, biceps, and abdominal muscles. Tanning can be the best option for those men who want to look more muscular.

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