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Isle of Paradise Fake Tan Drops: Tested and Reviewed 20234

Isle of Paradise Drops to Natural Skin Care
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We all love to go to the beach during those summer days and get that perfect glowing tan. But my clients often complain about dark spots and melasma that appear after spending long hours in the sun.

Although I am a tanning expert and very aware of the pros and cons of sun tanning, I have also faced similar problems after spending too much time in the sun to get tan.

So I used to wear a hat to cover my face. Because of this, my face used to be lighter than the rest of my body.

Then, I tried the isle of paradise tanning drops to get that dark glowing tan even without being exposed to the sun. It worked like a wonder for me.

So, now I always advise my clients to use the Isle of Paradise fake tan drops which is a kind of self-tanner to get that even-toned, glowing tan.

Here I will give you a brief on the Isle of Paradise tanning drops and how to apply them.

Isle of Paradise Fake Tan Drops. What Is It?

The isle of paradise fake tan drops can be used as a self-tanner when mixed with any serum, foundation, or moisturizer.

It is available in a 30ml bottle in three shades i.e. dark, light, and medium. You just need to blend the color that suits your skin tone.

To get the darker tan you need to add some more drops of the Isle of Paradise tanning drops to your moisturizer, serum, or foundation.

Review on the Isle of Paradise Self-tanning Drops

Being a tanning professional I was very confident before using the product. And after using the product I got amazing results as my skin was glowing and healthy with a dark tan.

So, here I will share with you my honest review of the Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops.

Use the Product on Your Face and Body

This product can be easily used on your face and body. It helped me to get a darker glowing tan even without going out in the sun.

As my skin turns out to be darker so, the dark spots and melisma were not visible.

The Isle of Paradise tanning drops can be the best option for those who are suffering from hyperpigmentation and scars.

The Tanning Drops Are Organic

These tanning drops are non-toxic and prepared in a way so, they are organic and vegan.

I always try to avoid toxic products as using them can cause long-term damage. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant and want to use the product.

Can Choose the Right Shade

As mentioned earlier these tanning drops come in three shades i.e. dark, light, and medium.

So, it becomes much easier for you to choose the right product that matches your skin tone.

I tried the medium shade which was perfect for my skin tone. It was quite easy to use and provided a natural-looking result.

How to Use the Isle of Paradise Fake Tan Drops?

You can easily turn your regular moisturizer or serum into a self-tanning product by mixing a few drops of the tanning lotion into your favorite foundation or moisturizer.

If you want to get the deepest tan then you would need more than one application.

This product is great during those cloudy winter days when you cannot go outside to get a tan.

I used it with my favorite body butter and got the perfect result. I also love to use this product during spring and go out in my shorts.

People also ask me how often they can use the Isle of Paradise fake tan drops. My answer would be to use it every weekend.

I prefer to use them on my week offs as using them on a regular basis can lead to streaks and splotches.

Why I Consider This Drops to Be My Favourite?

The Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops is no doubt the best sunless tanning product I have ever used.

It is non-toxic and available in 3 three shades so, that you easily choose according to your skin tone. Using a little product can help you get that perfect dark tan that lasts longer.

Self Tanning Drops

Isle of Paradise Fake Tan Drops Dark Add Self Tanning Drops

  • Suitable for face & body
  • Violet color actives give the dark bronze
  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

It did not change the consistency when I mixed it with my body butter. These tanning drops do not have any fake scent that might irritate you.

Disadvantages of Using the Isle of Paradise Self-tanning Drops

Although using this product has huge benefits but it has some disadvantages too. Once I added some extra drops to my moisturizer to get the deepest tan but, the color turned out to be orange.

Also, people who like scented products may not like using these tanning drops.

So, this is my honest review of the Isle of Paradise tanning drops. This product is easily available in online stores like Sephora or Amazon.

What Are Its Best Features?

  • Can help to build up darker color easily.
  • A little product can give the desired result.
  • The product is not too watery or thick.

How can it Be Improved?

  • The wide droplet range can sometimes create confusion.
  • Too many droplets can lead to an orange hue.
  • The product should have a different scent so that people like it more.

So if you want that healthy, glowing tanned look without going out in the sun then, you can definitely go for this product. The color develops after a few hours of applying.

As this product is organic so, it will not cause any severe damage to your skin.

Now it is your turn to use the product and pass on your experience to your family and friends.

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