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Why Does Not My Face Tan Like the Rest of My Body?

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Tanning helps us to achieve that glowing bronzed look that enhances our beauty. Both sun tanning and self-tanning are quite popular and people often love to get that sun-kissed look that makes them more attractive.

However, the concern is that our face does not tan as much as the other parts of our body.

My clients often ask me how to get that glowing tan on the face as well. So, check out this article to get the correct answer to your queries like why won’t my face tan as the rest of the body?

Why Is It More Difficult to Tan Your Face?

Different causes prevent your face from getting tan like other parts of your body. Here are some reasons why your face is paler than your body.go through them to find out the exact cause and fix them.

Melanin Production

The dark color achieved after tanning mostly depends on the cells called melanocytes that produce melanin. The more amount of melanin is produced the darker our skin becomes.

So, the color of your face after tanning depends on the active melanocytes the skin has. The sebaceous gland present in your face skin often prevents the production of an adequate amount of melanin in the rest of your body.

When your facial skin is not able to absorb the UV rays properly then, it remains paler than other parts of your body even after tanning.

Sensitive Face Skin

To prevent damage you need to be more cautious while tanning your face. The skin of our face is more sensitive than other parts of the body so, safety should be your first priority to avoid any long-term side effects.

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Creams or Makeup

Often creams and makeup can become a barrier and do not allow your skin to absorb the UV rays completely. I always suggest my clients and friends not go for a tanning session with makeup or heavy creams.

This image is a close-up of a group of makeup brushes in a holder. The brushes are arranged in an organized manner.

Makeup products like blush, foundation, eyeshadow, or concealer should be completely avoided while going for your tanning session as they can give you an uneven tan.

But, using sunscreen is always recommended to prevent damage to your skin while exposed to UV rays for a long.

How to Get a Tanned Face?

Here are some useful tips to help you get your face tan just like the rest of your body.

1. No Makeup

Going for your tanning session with makeup can restrict the UV rays from getting absorbed by your skin completely. Your makeup will act as a barrier and thus, your face will not be tanned properly.

So, it is always better to remove all your makeup before going for your tanning session to achieve that perfect dark tan all over the body including your face.

Young woman applying makeup after spray tanning at home

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I will let you know if can you put on makeup afterward and the makeup to wear after a spray tanning session.

2. Proper Tanning Time

Adjusting the time of your tanning session is very important to get that sun-kissed look. sometimes, you may be spending long hours under the sun but are not achieving that dark glowing tan. This is because if the sun is not strong enough then, staying under the sun for long is of no use.

Do remember not to stay under the sun or in the tanning bed for very long as it can burn your skin and cause severe damage to your skin.

3. Preparing Your Skin is Important

Prepare your skin properly before going for your tanning session to avoid an uneven tan. You will achieve a gorgeous glowing tan if your skin is smooth and hydrated. Exfoliate your skin gently to remove dead skin cells by using oil-free products.

Oil in your skin can restrict the absorption of UV rays and thus, gives you an uneven tan. Your skin should be completely hydrated to prevent burns and sun damage. People with dry skin can get their skin burn easily.

Always use sunscreen with higher SPF before both indoor and outdoor tanning. 

4. Use Tan Accelerators

There are different tan accelerators available in the market that can be used for both outdoor and indoor tanning. These tanning accelerators increase melanin production and thus, help your face get tan equally as the other body parts.

Some tanning accelerators also moisturize your skin and help your tan last longer. If you want to get more detailed information on tanning accelerators before getting one then, you can go through my post on Best Tan Accelerators for Outdoor Tanning.

Why Won’t My Fake Tan?

People often get annoyed when they notice their face to be paler than the rest of the body even after spending long hours in the sun or a tanning bed. So, as mentioned above there are different reasons why your face won’t get tan as the rest of your body.

It can be you are not spending the required amount of time to get tan or you are going for your tanning session with makeup and heavy creams. You can fix the problem and get that glowing bronzed look easily if you know the exact cause.

Try out spray tan if you are not getting the desired result even after spending long hours in the sun or in a tanning bed.


Why Does My Face Not Suntan?

As your face contains sebaceous glands so, it prevents proper melanin production. So, if the melanin production is less then, your skin cannot absorb the UV rays very fast. Thus, it takes more time to tan your face than other parts of your body.

How Do I Make My Face Tan More?

You can try out tanning accelerators to enhance your tan. You can also add a few drops of foundation to your regular base and apply it under the cheekbones to make your tan appear to be glowing and dark.

Why Does My Face Lose Its Tan So Fast?

As human skin sheds every day and new skin cells are formed so, your tan gets removed with your dead skin cells after exfoliating. Your face will lose its tan after a few days and you will notice new untanned skin cells.


Tanning your face will not be a difficult task anymore if you follow the tips shared above. Nowadays, there are several ways to make your face tan equally as the rest of your body.

But do remember to use good sunscreen before your indoor or outdoor tanning session. Spending long hours exposed to UV rays can cause severe burns to your skin. so, always adjust your tanning time according to your skin type and color.

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