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Nude Tanning Guide You Need to Know

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Getting that perfect tan is always a priority for some people. They can try out every method to achieve that glowing, even bronzed look.

There are different methods people follow to get tan. And tanning nude is one of the best ways to get that even-golden tan.

Tanning with clothes can prevent your whole body parts from getting tan equally. So, being a tanning expert in this article I will share with you some important facts about nude tanning.

I will also make you aware of the benefits and drawbacks of nude tanning under the sun or on a tanning bed.

Is Nude Tanning Considered to Be Safe?

Tanning nude is also safe as tanning with clothes on. But you need to be very careful before exposing yourself to the UV rays without a bathing suit.

Most dermatology and cancer societies like the Australia SunSmart claim exposing your body to the sun has both benefits and risks.

On the other hand, the American Academy of Dermatologists says that exposure to the sun is never safe.

Why Is It Better to Tan Nude?

The UV rays help you get tan and should touch every part of your body equally. An uneven tan can make you look ugly. Here are some other facts that prove why tanning nude is better.

Tan Lines: You will often notice tan lines on the body parts that the ultraviolet rays cannot reach. Wearing a bikini or covering some parts of your body with a piece of cloth causes these lines. Getting rid of the tan lines is quite difficult. But you do not have to face these problems if you go for nude tanning.

Avoid Allergy: Exposure to UV rays with clothes may cause allergies as sweat gets accumulated in the covered areas. But you will feel more comfortable and do not have to worry about allergies while tanning nude.

What Are the Drawbacks of Nude Tanning?

Besides the benefits shared above nude tanning has some drawbacks as well. Here, are some of the disadvantages of nude tanning.

Delicate Parts Get Burnt: Some parts of your body like the skin around your breast and genitals are quite sensitive. So, they tend to get burnt easily when exposed directly to UV rays while tanning nude. 

Need Proper Privacy: Nude tanning cannot be done anywhere. It can be quite difficult for some people to tan under the sun nude. You need proper privacy or you have to use indoor tanning beds for tanning nude.

UV Rays Cause Damage: Direct exposure to harmful UV rays can cause sunburn faster. So, you should avoid nude tanning if your skin has the tendency to get burned fast.

Nude Tanning: Indoor/outdoor

Tanning nude both indoors and outdoors have some pros and cons. Go through them carefully to make sure which one you prefer.

Outdoor Tanning

Some of us like to spend time under the sun to get a tan. Here, are some pros and cons of outdoor tanning.


  • You can enjoy viewing nature while getting a tan which can give you an aesthetic feel.
  • Spending time under the sun during those cold winter days can give you complete pleasure.
  • You don’t have to pay any amount for getting a tan under the sun. it is a free gift of nature.


  • The delicate parts of your body like your genitals and breasts can be harmed by the harmful UV rays.
  • Tanning nude outdoor can increase your risk of taking photos naked or creep filming by some stranger.

Indoor Tanning

Our hectic schedule sometimes makes it impossible to out in the sun to get a tan. So, indoor tanning is the best choice for them. Here are some pros and cons of indoor tanning.


  • As you can set time according to your choice so, there is less risk of overdoing it.
  • You can schedule your tanning session according to your preferred time.
  • There is no risk of getting filmed by any stranger.


  • Indoor tanning can be quite expensive.
  • Spending long hours in a tanning bed can cause damage to your skin like overexposure to the sun. 
  • Tanning nude outdoors can give you that thrilling feeling that you may miss while tanning indoors. 

Final Thought

Tanning is always trendy and is not taboo. Getting tan in the sun or in a tanning bed without clothes can help you get that even bronzed-tanned look without those annoying tan lines.

So, if you are comfortable and can choose a proper place to get tan without clothes, go for it without overthinking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can you tan nude in your backyard?

    Building a fence can be a good option if you want to tan naked in your backyard. Use solid wood slats for fencing and place it in a way so, there is no gap. This way anybody passing by your house will not be able to sneak a peek.
    Fences that are 6 feet tall can work fine unless your neighbor’s yard is not higher than your yard. Building a fence can maintain your privacy as well as help you tan nude outdoors.

  2. Is it necessary to get naked in tanning beds?

    Whether you want to get tan with or without clothes is completely your choice. Many people prefer to wear their underwear or bikini while lying on the tanning bed. But some want to be naked while going on a sunbed.

So, if you do not want to get those tough, ugly tan lines then going naked in the tanning bed is the best idea.

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