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How Much Can an Indoor Tanning Bed Cost You in 2024

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It is necessary to decide whether to want to opt for a salon or buy a tanning bed for a home as the investment is huge. So, you need time to rethink before buying a tanning bed for your home.

But buying a tanning bed for your home can be a great investment. In this article, I will share with you some interesting facts about buying a tanning bed and how much a tanning bed costs.

Types of Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are mostly of two types the one that is meant for residential purposes and the other for salon use.

However, the criteria before buying a tanning bed are different for home use and salon use.

A salon or spa owner will look for a tanning bed of the best quality and durability as the tanning bed present in the salon or spa will have multiple usages.

Tanning beds in-salon should also have low maintenance costs compared to the tanning beds used for residential purposes.

There is no need to buy a tanning bed for home if you want to use the tanning beds 2 to 4 times a week. In that case, you can go to a salon which will be much inexpensive for you.

As different salons and spas have different rates for their services so you need to cross-check multiple times and think before visiting one of them.

How Are Tanning Bed Prices Determined?

There are several factors that determine the cost of a tanning bed as the prices of a tanning bed vary.

Here we will discuss some factors that determine the tanning bed prices.

Type of Beds

The prices of a tanning bed depend on the type of tanning beds used like the high-pressure beds, base beds, and stand-up beds.

If you want to buy one for your home then, the base beds can do the job. For people with back issues and claustrophobia, a stand-up bed is perfect. However, using a high-pressure bed can be quite expensive.

Purpose of Using Tanning Beds

Residential tanning beds are much cheaper than tanning beds used in salons and spas as they demand cost efficiency and high durability.

Quality of the Product

It is always better to buy an expensive tanning bed that can give you that healthy tanned look.

solarium Tanning bed in a modern beauty home

Using Cheaper tanning beds can damage your skin causing wrinkles, skin cancer, and aging.

The Type and Number of Bulbs

Your tanning bed should have UVB bulbs attached to get that perfect tanned look without sunburn. The UVA bulbs can cause sunburn quickly as they tan faster.

The number of bulbs in the bed also determines its price. So, if the number of bulbs present is more than, the price of the tanning bed will also be high.

Use of Red Light

Health-conscious people often go for a tanning bed with a red light in it. The red light helps to get smooth skin and thus, tanning beds with red light can be more expensive.

Warranty and Delivery Charges

It is always better to buy a branded product from companies that provide a longer warranty period and coverage. The delivery charges depend if the product is delivered preassembled.

How Much Does a Tanning Bed Cost?

As mentioned earlier the cost of a tanning bed depends on the type of tanning bed used. The cost of the two most common types of tanning beds are:

Tanning Beds Used for a Residential Purpose

Residential tanning beds are of average quality and durability. So it can cost you around $1500 to $3500.

Tanning Beds Use for Commercial Purposes

As commercial tanning beds are of huge durability and quality so, they can cost you around $2500 to $7000, with varying electricity needs.

Is It Wise to Buy a Tanning Bed?

Before buying a tanning bed you should go through the chart below to compare the prices with usage.

buying a tanning bed prices compare chart

Estimate Cost of Tanning in a Salon

The cost of tan in a salon depends on how much darker tan you want to get. A deep tan can cost you around $15 per session while a basic tan can be $ 8 to $ 10.

On the other hand, using a high-pressure tanning bed can cost you around $25 per session.

So your monthly expense using a tanning bed in a salon can be $100 including a tanning salon cost of $50 and a fuel charge of $50 if you visit a salon 4 times a week and the salon is 12 miles away from your home.

Estimate Cost of Residential Tanning at Home

Residential beds contain bulbs between 120 to 220 volts. So it would not use much energy.

The cost of an average tanning bed for residential purposes can be around $4500 including the cost of the lamps and electricity.

So 4 sessions of 15 to 20 minutes per week can cost you around $5. Your monthly expense will be around $38 to 40$ and you will not have to pay the fuel charge well.

The difference between using a tanning bed at home and a salon per month is around $60.


So, it is always better to buy a tanning bed for a home than go to a salon as it can save you time and money.

So, this is some useful information regarding how much a tanning bed costs and what factors that determine its price.

Though you have to make a huge investment in buying a tanning bed for residential purposes, it’s every session will be very much more affordable for you than visiting a salon and spending a huge amount every time.

So, it is always better and advisable to purchase a residential tanning bed and use it without investing a huge amount in the comfort of your home.

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