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Is It Safe to Wear AirPods in a Tanning Bed? Here’s the Answer

wireless airpods often used during a tanning bed session.

Nowadays we often prefer using tanning beds to get tan rather than spending long hours in the sun. Using a tanning bed is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get tan without wasting time lying down at the beach. However, lying down still, till the tanning session is completed can make us feel restless and bored.

So, people often take their air pods or headphones while tanning. Listening to music while lying down idol during the tanning bed session makes you feel engaged and entertained.

As tanning beds emit UV rays to help you get tan so, my clients often ask me if can they wear air pods in a tanning bed. As air pods or headphones are made of durable material so, using them for a short tanning bed session is completely fine.

However, wearing air pods for longer periods in the tanning bed with temperatures above 39 degrees Celsius can overheat your air pods and damage them.

To know more about wearing air pods in a tanning bed go through this post carefully. Here I have also shared some useful tips for using air pods in a tanning bed safely.

Can Air Pods or Headphones Be Worn in a Tanning Bed?

I suggest my clients avoid wearing these accessories during a long tanning bed session. However, taking your air pods for a short session will not cause any harm to them.

If you have very expensive air pods from big brands like Apple then, it is better not to wear them while using a tanning bed. I hope you will not want to damage your expensive headphones just to entertain yourself for a few minutes while tanning.

Besides, air pods you should also avoid carrying the charging case along with you while using tanning beds.

During your tanning bed session, it is quite possible that you may forget to keep track of time. So, wearing the air pods for too long in a tanning bed can cause severe damage to them which may not be repaired.

Can Wired Air Pods Be Worn in a Tanning Bed?

The temperature inside a tanning bed is the main factor that determines whether your air pods will be safe or not. It does not matter if you are using wired or wireless headphones.

a woman is sitting wearing her wired AirPods and listening to music. Another woman lying on a tanning bed to get a tan.

Before wearing your favorite air pods while using a tanning bed you need to check out the user manual or go through the official website of the air pods manufacturer thoroughly. This will help you ensure the maximum temperature at which the air pods can be used.

Even if the user manual suggests that your air pods can be used at the highest temperatures, do not wear them if you are planning to go for a longer tanning bed session.

Why Should You Not Wear Air Pods in a Tanning Bed?

Wearing air pods in a tanning bed will not only damage them but, can also cause damage to your ears. Here are a few reasons to avoid using headphones in a tanning bed.

Your Ears May Get Damaged

Listening to music at a high volume while getting tan in a tanning bed can cause severe damage to your ears. As a tanning bed is an enclosed place so, keeping the volume high can easily affect your ears. Ignoring the volume notification can cause harm to your ears.

Hearing problems can come up easily if the volume is kept at more than 60%, as the National Institutes of Health said.

Avoid Wearing Air Pods in Tanning Beds

To prevent damage to the air pod and your ears it is better to avoid wearing them in a tanning bed.

You can still entertain yourself by playing your favorite song on your phone by keeping it on speaker mode outside the tanning bed. Always remember your focus should be on safe tanning and not fun all the time.

You May Not Be Aware of Any Urgent Situation

While you are lying in a tanning bed wearing your air pods, you will not be able to hear anything that is happening outside. You may miss out on some urgent or unfavorable situation that is happening outside if the volume is kept at a maximum level.

So, it is better not to wear headphones and listen to music at high volume during a tanning bed session.

The Air Pods Can Be Overheated

Even if the user manual says that your air pods can tolerate high temperatures, they will get overheated if worn during a long tanning bed session.

Due to overheating of the plastic or silicone ear tips, the skin around your ear can become sensitive or itchy.

5 Tips to Use AirPods in Tanning Beds

If you can’t do without your air pods at all then, follow the tips and tricks shared below before using them in a tanning bed.

Go for Wireless Air Pods

Using wired headphones while lying on a tanning bed can make the wire get tangled with the wires on the sunbed and thus, make it difficult for you to move your body.

So, it is better to use wireless headphones that have a long battery life so, that it does not stop working in the middle of the tanning session.

Avoid Overheating

If your air pods get overheated in a tanning bed then, it might get damaged permanently. So, always use air pods at a maximum temperature of up to 35 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature of the tanning bed becomes more than 35 degrees then, stop using the air pods. Also, do not take your headphones if you are going for a longer session.

Keep the Charging Case at a Distance

You should never carry the charging case of your air pods along with you in a tanning bed. There are several charging units present in the charging case and overheating can damage the battery permanently.

Avoid High Volume

When lying on a tanning bed you should always keep the volume of your air pods at a safe level. Keeping the volume at 60% or lower than that is always better.

Adjust the volume according to the noise level of the sunbed which can be quite loud.

Adjust the Wire of the Air Pods

However, it is recommended not to use wired air pods in a tanning bed as it can make lines on your body and make your tan uneven.

If you are still using wired headphones then, make sure to make the wire go around your body. It is better to put your phone on speaker mode and listen to music while tanning by keeping your phone outside the sunbed.

Here is a table for best practices in a tanning bed.

Monitor the temperature of the tanning bedKeep an eye on the temperature of the tanning bed to avoid overheating your AirPods.
Restrict your exposure to UV radiationDo not use AirPods for extended periods while in the tanning bed. (4-8 minutes are ideal for the first couple of weeks.)
Clean AirPods frequentlySweat and bacteria can build up on your AirPods, so it’s important to clean them regularly.
Fully charge your AirPodsMake sure to charge your AirPods before getting inside the tanning bed.
Avoid carrying the case with youExtra generated heat could cause the device to change its behavior to regulate its temperature.

Final Thought

Using air pods at tanning beds for a short period will not cause any severe damage to them. However, your main concern should be getting that desired tan and not entertaining yourself in a tanning bed.

So, before using air pods during a tanning bed session make sure you check out this article. Maintaining proper safety can prevent both your ear and headphones from being damaged permanently.

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