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Can You Put on a Bra Right After a Spray Tan?

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A spray tan is the best option to get that glowing bronzed look without being exposed to UV rays. People who follow a busy schedule and do not have much time to spend in the sun or in a tanning bed prefer to get a spray tan.

Although spray tanning is quite easy and saves your time, proper clothing can help you to get that even, deep tan without tan lines.

People often wonder what to wear during a spray tanning session to get that sun-kissed look without an uneven tan and ugly tan lines.

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A bra is an important part of our clothing. So, my clients often ask me if can they wear a bra after and during the spray tanning session.

Visiting a salon for your spray tanning session without wearing a bra can cause some discomfort. However, it can help you to achieve that desired even tan.

So, go through this post to find out if you can wear a bra after a spray tan and what kind of bra should you wear.

Is It Ok to Put on a Bra After a Spray Tanning Session?

When you wear a bra the upper portion of your body like the shoulder, breast, and ribs are covered. So, when you go for your spray tanning session wearing a bra then the color can get rubbed against the straps and lead to an uneven, patchy tan.

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Sometimes, we need to wear a bra after a spray tan as we may have to go for some other work immediately after the tanning session.

So, in that case, you can try out a strapless bra. It is better if someone assists you in wearing the bra after a spray tan. So, that you don’t have to hook it yourself in the front and make the color smeared off.

As you all know spray tanning solutions contain DHA that helps you get that dark, natural tan. However, if the DHA gets transferred to your bra when wearing it just after the spray tan then, it can cause discoloration on the fabric.

So, always go for a loose or bigger size bra. If you need to wear it immediately, just after your spray tanning session. A flexible bra will have enough space and thus, will not get rubbed against your skin quickly.

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How Long Should You Wait to Wear a Bra After a Spray Tan?

It is very important to wait for the color to dry up and develop after getting a spray tan to prevent the color from fading away.

The longevity of the color also depends on the quality of your tanning solution. Here I have shared the different time gaps that should be maintained with different quality tanning solutions.

  • Wait for at least 2 to 4 hours when using rapid solutions.
  • Leave the color to develop for 8 to 10 hours when using overnight solutions.
  • When using regular solutions wait for 4 to 6 hours.

Other than the quality of your tanning solution there are different other conditions that determine how long it will take for the color to develop completely.

Excess oil production by your skin, sweat, type of moisturizer you use, humidity, etc, can also prevent your tan from drying out fast.

What to Do if You Need to Wear a Bra After a Spray Tan at Any Cost?

Nothing can be better than going braless just after your spray tanning session. It makes the color develop quickly and helps you get a dark, even tan.

However, if you have an emergency and need to wear a bra at any cost just after a spray tan then, follow the tips shared below.

Wear a Padded Bra

A padded bra has a lining or lace inside it. This can protect your skin from irritation and ugly patches. It also prevents the color transfer from your body to the bra.

Try Out a Sports Bra

A sports bra has no padding and thus, wearing a tight-fitted sports bra can protect your skin from irritation. It also prevents color transfer.

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What Kind of Bra Should Be Worn During a Spray Tan?

Most undergarments and bra uses a common fabric like nylon. And the spray tanning solution can easily stain materials like silk, nylon, leather, and wool which are lighter.

Wearing a dark-colored bra or an old one during a spray tan can be a good idea. The stain will not be visible in dark-colored bras and you can throw away the old bra if stained after tanning.

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Some spray tan parlor offers paper bras that you can wear during your spray tanning session. However, these are not well-fitted bras. If you have a limited number of bras and all are new and branded then, you might have to buy a dark, cheap bra just to wear during a spray tan.

If you are new to a spray tanning session and have never used any tanning solution earlier then, the chance of staining your bra or clothes increases.

A spray tan done by a professional can be a good option. As their expertise and experience will prevent your bra or any other clothes from getting that messy stain. However, you may still get a few patches after a spray tan.

The periphery of your bra around the areas closest to your skin is more likely to get stained easily. Getting a spray tan done by a less knowledgeable technician can also make your bra totally stained.

Wrapping Up

Wearing a bra during or just after a spray tan should be avoided. However, if you have an emergency, try the kind of bra shared above to prevent it from getting those ugly stains.

Wearing a cotton bra does not get stained easily so it can be a good option. follow this post before your spray tanning session to get that gorgeous tan without leaving many stains on your bra.


How long after a spray tan can I put a bra on?

Wearing a bra immediately after a spray tan can lead to streaks and patches besides staining your bra. So, always wait for at least 4 to 6 hours before putting on the bra so, that the color gets developed completely.

When can I put on my clothes after a fake tan?

You need to wait for at least 10 minutes so, that the color dries out and develops completely. Check out if the color of all your body parts has dried out before wearing any clothes.

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